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From banana eyeliner to glossy eyelids – 6 beautiful make-up trends in check

Thanks to the mask, the make-up focus is still more than ever on the eye area. Accordingly, eye make-up can also be striking this fall/winter season. Tikbow checks out 6 hot styles, from colorful eyeliner to glossy eye shadow.

Make-up trend statement eyeliner

While eye make-up was relatively discreet in previous years, it can now be applied really thickly. So it’s no wonder that eyeliner is at the top of the list of make-up trends for fall and winter. But this doesn’t just mean eyeliner in its classic form – black and with a more or less pronounced wing. The new eyeliner styles are much more extravagant and special.

Colorful eyeliner

Woman with colorful eyeliner
Tired of the classic eyeliner? Then switch to pops of color now!Photo by Getty Images

Eyeliners in blue, red, neon yellow or even orange are currently very popular. They are mainly applied in the classic way: in a thin line across the eyelid and with a small wing. In this way, colored eyeliners give everyday makeup a whole new twist. Those who like it even more eye-catching can draw an eyeliner line across the entire width of the eyelid and thus replace the eye shadow.

Graphic eyeliner

Woman with makeup
Graphic eyeliner ist auf jeden Fall ein Hingucker – aber alles andere als einfach zu schminken.Photo by Getty Images

Many already despair when trying to draw a normal eyeliner with Wing – nevertheless, now a trend comes on the scene, which even tops this: make-up professionals on Instagram paint graphic shapes on the eyelid. In most cases, the eyeliner wing is continued around the eyelid, almost creating the impression of a new eyelid crease. In principle, any abstract eyeliner shape is possible, from flame patterns to triangles. For it to look really good and symmetrical in the end, however, it takes a lot of –.

Banana Eyeliner

In terms of make-up, we are back in the 60s! Included: the Banana Eyeliner, which supermodel Twiggy made famous back then. In this case, the name says it all: the eyeliner is drawn in a rounded, curved line on the eyelid and is thus actually somewhat reminiscent of the yellow fruit. Unlike a classic eyeliner, however, the retro banana liner is not applied to the moving eyelid, but rather over the eyelid crease, making the eye appear a bit more open and rounded.

Makeup trend glossy eyelids

Woman with eyeshadow
The glossy texture makes every eyeshadow look once more eye-catching Photo by Getty Images

Until now we only knew moist-glossy textures from lip gloss, now we wear the glossy look also on the eyes and preferably in combination with brightly colored eyeshadow. First, a primer is applied to the mobile eyelid, followed by the matte, colorful eyeshadow. Shades such as pink, lilac, orange and red are particularly popular at the moment; whatever you like is allowed. The brightly colored eye shadow is then applied generously to the mobile eyelid and blended upwards and outwards until no more edges are visible. To turn the whole thing into a glossy trend look, then use a special eye gloss and dab it very carefully onto your eyelid. Important: Don’t just put lip gloss on your eyelid, it’s much too sticky!

Emphasized inner corners

If you prefer to pimp your make-up with a few colorful accents, you can opt for this trend: emphasized inner corners of the eyes. You can either dab on some colored eyeshadow or extend the inner corner with (colored) eyeliner. In any case, the result is a special look that gives your everyday make-up that certain something. The only thing that matters is that the accents are symmetrical.

Make-up trend Smokey Eyes 2.0.

Do you remember the signature look of Taylor Momsen as Jenny Humphrey in Gossip Girl? This "panda eyes"look is now actually coming back in a light version. In fall and winter we wear grungy smoky eyes again, but besides black it can also be dark red or brown eye shadow. At the forefront: Damiano David, singer of the Italian rock band Måneskin.

Damiano David at the EMAs
Damiano David also wore his signature smokey eyes at the MTV EMAs in Budapest.Photo by Getty Images

Essential for this look is an eyeshadow primer. Once this is applied, you can choose between a light brown or red tone. Then apply the light eye shadow generously to the mobile eyelid and blend it cleanly upwards until no hard edges are visible. Then use a darker shade. Apply it to the lash line at the top and bottom, let it fade out to a light, straight wing on the outer side and then blend the whole thing with the lighter tone so that no transition is visible at the end. For the finish, you can still reach for a brown or black kajal and emphasize around the waterline. Then apply a little mascara to the lashes, and the 2021 smokey eye look is complete.