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Eyeliner tips for every eye shape: which eyeliner look suits you best?

With eyeliner, any look instantly looks more glamorous! Your eye color comes out better, your lashes look thicker and fuller, and your eyes look brighter and more awake. If you’re not getting the effect you were hoping for with your makeup, it may be because your current eyeliner technique doesn’t match your eye shape. Different eye shapes need accents in certain areas to get the best definition. By using our eyeliner tips and techniques, you’ll be able to draw the perfect eyeliner for your eye shape!

Eyeliner tips for almond shaped eyes

almond shaped eyes eyeliner

What do almond-shaped eyes look like?

  • Beautiful almond eyes resemble the shape of almonds.
  • They are symmetrical and usually have a slightly drawn up outer corner at the bottom of the lower eyelid.

Celebrities with this eye shape: Kim Kardashian, Beyoncé, Mila Kunis, Aishwarys Rai, Rihanna, Kate Winslet, Scarlett Johanson, Gwen Stefani, Minka Kelly, Jessica Alba, Zoe Saldana, Olivia Wilde, Eva Longoria, Leighton Meester, Kerry Washington, Penelope Cruz

Apply eyeliner correctly for almond shaped eyes

The best eyeliner stroke for almond eyes:

You’re in luck! Almost any eyeliner look will suit almond-shaped eyes. Start with a thin eyeliner in the upper inner corner, glide along the inner two-thirds of the lid, and once you reach the outer third, start increasing the thickness.

Eyeliner tips for round eyes

Eyeliner tips for round eyes

What do round eyes look like?

  • Round eyes are beautiful and big.
  • More white of the eye is visible than almond-shaped eyes.

Celebrities with your eye shape: Alison Brie, Emmy Rossum, Bella Heathcote, Nicole Richie

Draw eyeliner for round eyes

The best eyeliner technique for round eyes:
Mit Eyeliner können Sie runde Augen optisch verlängern, um sie noch auffälliger zu machen! Das ist ganz einfach: Ziehen Sie einen dünnen Lidstrich in den äußeren zwei Dritteln des oberen und unteren Wimpernkranzes. Führen Sie beide Linien am äußeren Winkel zusammen und machen Sie sie etwas dicker, indem Sie den Liner nach außen verwischen oder mit einem flüssigen Liner einen Flügel hinzufügen. Wichtig ist, dass Sie den Eyeliner nach außen, zum Ende der Braue hin, verlängern, anstatt ihn nach oben zu ziehen.

Eyeliner for deep-set eyes / drooping eyelids

Make up eyes larger for drooping eyelids

What do deep-set eyes / droopy eyelids look like?

  • You don’t see much of the moving lid when your eyes are open.
  • Droopy eyelids are also a problem as we age. Here are some exercises you can do to tighten your eyelids.

Celebrities with your eye shape: Emma Stone, Ginnifer Goodwin, Jennifer Lawrence, Taylor Swift, Blake Lively.

Eyeliner tips for deep-set eyes

Draw eyeliner properly with this eye shape: With droopy eyelids, you should create the illusion of open eyes. Therefore, less is more when it comes to using eyeliner.

The trick is to apply eyeliner not on the eyelid, but on the upper waterline. This way, you get the look of eyeliner, but the eyelid remains free of a dark tint, which helps to open up the eyes.

Draw eyeliner correctly for drooping eyelids

Outlining the top waterline of your eyes is very easy, but can take some practice. Close your eye and gently pull up the outer corner of your eye. Look down and very gently sweep the eyeliner across the upper waterline. It’s easier to line the outer 3/4 corners of your eye rather than the whole eye. Let the eyeliner dry for 10 seconds before blinking so it doesn’t transfer to the lower waterline.

Use a champagne-colored shimmery eyeshadow in the inner corner of the eye, just above the tear duct area, to further open up the eye. White kohl on the lower waterline is also a good trick. Bend the lashes to open the eye even more. For more tips on how to make up deep-set eyes, click here.

Eyeliner tips for monolid eyes

Apply eyeliner correctly for mongoloid eyes

What do monolid eyes look like?

  • This shape is common in Asian eyes.
  • Monolids have tiny little eyelids with a less defined eye socket.

Celebrities with this eye shape: Gemma Chan, Lucy Liu, Ali Wong, Kelly Marie Tran.

Make up monolid eyes correctly

Asian eye makeup: this eye shape looks absolutely stunning when you apply a thin eyeliner in a cat eye look. To add definition and depth to the eye sockets, use a soft eyeliner pencil to create a cat eye/wing eyeliner. Don’t worry about making a perfect line, because next you need to smudge this line up and out with your pinky finger to make it look soft, sexy and smokey! Now go over the smudged outline with a liquid eyeliner and draw it outward with a cat eye wing!

Close-set eyes (less than one eye width).

Close-set eyes example

Celebrities with this eye shape: Jennifer Aniston, Kristen Bell, Anna Paquin, Paris Hilton, Sarah Jessica Parker, Gisele Bündchen

You should emphasize the outer corner of the eye to make their closely spaced eyes look visually longer and even more beautiful! Use an eyeliner in the outer third of the upper and lower lash line. The trick here is to give the eye the illusion of more width. Use a champagne colored, shimmery eyeshadow or highlighter on the tear duct to open up the eye further.

Correctly make up eyes that are close together

Eyes wide apart (a little more than one eye width)

Eyeliner for eyes wide apart

Celebrities with this eye shape: Amanda Seyfried, Kate Moss, Anya Taylor Joy.

To enhance the beauty of your eyes, you need to emphasize the inner corners of your eyes! Apply an eyeliner from the inner corners of the upper lash line outwards to the outer corners. Try to maintain the same line thickness throughout the entire length. Try not to extend the eyeliner at the outer corners, but draw a small line upwards. This looks very pretty.

Correctly make up widely spaced eyes

Eyeliner tips for drooping eyes / drooping corners of the eyes

Eyeliner tips for drooping eyes

What do drooping eyes look like?

  • The eye slopes slightly from the top to the bottom.
  • The look looks a bit sad.

Celebrities with this eye shape: Anne Hathaway, Tessa Thompson, Katie Holmes, Chloe Moretz, Michelle Rodriguez

With eyeliner for drooping corners of the eyes, the main thing is to visually lift them. Brighten the inner corners with a bright, shimmery pencil, leaving the lower lash line bare. Focus on the upper lash line, starting just below the highest point of your arch and then thinking upward and outward. A small, upward wing at the outer corners will visually open up the eyes.

Eyeliner for drooping eyes and drooping eyelids.