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Eye make-up from 60: Which colors are optimal for eye shadow? (+ tips on eyeliner and eyebrows)

When it comes to mature skin, it’s easy to get desperate. All the products that were still okay and to which you were accustomed until 40 or 50, suddenly no longer work. And this applies not only to the type of products (for example, creamy substances instead of powder), but especially to the colors. The eyes, with their inevitable wrinkles and perhaps even age-related drooping eyelids, are particularly affected by this. That’s why today we’re giving you tips on what colors and details to use to make up your eyes in a flattering way from the age of 60. How do I put on makeup properly?

Choosing the right eye shadow

Eye make-up from 60 - tips and tricks for colors, eyeliner and eyebrows

Not too glittery, but also not too bland – that’s the motto when you make up the eyes from 60. Accordingly, avoid both too glittery eye shadow, and too matte, because in both cases you risk emphasizing your age. On the contrary, a subtle shine is optimal and you will get it with a beautiful satin eyeshadow and it will only serve as an accent. Highlight the center of the eyelid with its help, which will create a fresh look.

You can use a matte eyeshadow in some exceptional cases, namely to emphasize the uppermost bulge of the eyelid, as well as the outer and inner corners of the eye. However, do not apply it too extensively.

Regarding the texture, experts recommend a cream eye shadow as a base, which you can then expand with powdery.

Eye make-up from 60 with which eye shadow color?

Eye make-up from 60 - Neutral and light colors for eye shadow

Only who chooses the right shades for the eye shadow, can also achieve a fresh look that visually cheats away a few years. What are they?

The most important thing is to choose colors that match your skin’s undertone when doing eye makeup from 60 (or any other age). And don’t be fooled by what shade it was when you were younger, because skin changes with age not only in terms of your elasticity and smoothness, but it can also change color (fine veins, for example, make skin appear redder than before). On the whole, however, you can go by your complexion:

  • If you have fair skin, neutral shades like champagne or subtle pink tones are optimal.
  • If you have a darker complexion, darker tones or a warm gold are also allowed.

Areas that you do not want to emphasize at all (such as drooping eyelids) are also not darkened. Instead, emphasize the beautiful areas.

Smokey eye for evening styling is also allowed in old age

What about the more daring smokey eye?

Just because you’ve kicked off your 60s doesn’t mean you can’t still party and dress up for it, too. The dark smokey eye look is perfectly acceptable even as you age, as long as you use the right products that won’t smudge even if you have droopy eyelids. Especially expressive eyes come out wonderfully with such eye makeup.

How to make up drooping eyelids from 50 or 60 and apply eye shadow, among other things, you will learn here .

With an eyeliner make up the eyes from 60 – Is it still okay?

Not too matte and not too glittery - Instead, shine on the eyelid

First of all, yes, it’s fine as long as you feel comfortable with it and just follow a few rules. Not because you don’t have the right to do whatever you want, but simply to achieve a really stylish look even in old age.

Reach for a liquid eyeliner for a very specific reason: the thin skin of the eyelid tends to form fine lines with age. And what do most ladies do to draw a straight eyeliner line? They tighten it with their fingers and then get started. However, every experienced “eyeliner-drawer” knows that this is exactly what you should never do. If, on the other hand, the eyeliner is more fluid, it manages significantly better to fill in those wrinkles as well.

Eyeliner or eyeliner with eye shadow - Be sure to blend at the bottom

Which colors?

Black is still allowed, but if you want it to be more subtle and even more suitable for everyday use, you can also choose more subdued shades. Not only brown looks stunning, but also rarer variants like plum. Such tones have a softer effect and are the better alternative to black, which draws the eye to these very blemishes, especially if you have dark circles under your eyes or other blemishes. You want it to be a little more striking? How about navy blue? Other bold colors are also suitable , as long as they match your eye color.

The waterline of the eyes is best made up from 60 white, as this opens the look and looks fresh.

The lower eyelid line – What rules apply here?

Less is more - Instead of eyeliner at the bottom, use only mascara

As for the lower eyeliner over 50 or 60, better keep it subtle or omit it completely, especially if you have already drawn an eyeliner on the upper eyelid, as this visually reduces the eye (not a good idea especially for drooping eyelids). It is sufficient if you only make up the lower eyelashes of the eyes from 60 (so to speak as an eyeliner replacement). If you still want an eyeliner, go for a soft brown tone, which you also blend well to get a simple makeup for the eyes.

Make-up tips from 60 – What about kajal?

Younger make-up before and after - Fresh look with the right eye make-up

According to experts, good old kajal is better replaced by eyeshadow after a certain age. It can also be used to draw a wonderful eyelid line by using an angled brush (e.g. for eyebrows). The right eye shadow will also not settle as quickly in any creases as the eyeliner pencil if you apply a base of foundation and powder beforehand.

Accentuate the frame of the face correctly – This is what eyebrows are like

Eye make-up over 60 - Fill in eyebrows in a lighter shade

That the eyebrows are extremely important for the overall appearance, we all know. But how to make up brows above the eyes from 60? The ideal colors are light brown or brown-gray, in any case a little lighter than the color of the brow hairs. In the form of an eyeliner pencil, you can use such shades to conceal any gaps that may appear due to the age-related thinning eyebrows. Fuller eyebrows look younger!

Do not choose a color that is too dark, as it will look too severe and make you look older.

Do you want an instant lifting effect for the eyes? Then make up the brows only along the upper line in fine strokes. However, since these strokes would be very noticeable this way, you should blend them afterwards by lightly smudging them with your finger or a brush.

Colors that are too dark look austere and make you look older

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