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Eye make-up from 50: These are the most common make-up mistakes you should avoid with mature skin!

It’s been a long time since we believed we could outrun time, find the fountain of youth, and happily skip off into the sunset with plump, glowing skin – at least not without a little help. But no matter how much retinol we use, it might as well be for naught if we cover up the hard work of looking youthful with makeup techniques that don’t have the right effect. Especially when it comes to eye makeup from 50. We reveal the most common makeup mistakes you should avoid if you have mature skin and want to look younger.

Mistake No. 1 in the eye make-up from 50: Omit the eye primer

Mistake No. 1 with the eye make-up from 50 - Omitting the eye primer

When applying makeup to mature eyes, you should definitely not skip preparing the eye area first with a primer suitable for your skin type. An eye primer is an easy and guaranteed way to extend the durability of your eye makeup. It also helps smooth the skin around the eyes for seamless makeup application and a perfect finish.

Primer helps fill in fine lines and pores on the skin and regulate oil production in oily skin or counteract the flatness and sagging of dry skin by maintaining proper moisture levels in the skin. An eye primer is also needed to neutralize discoloration on the eyelids and around the eyes. It helps to lighten the area so that eyeshadows appear in more intense colors. This effect is fantastic for accentuating your naturally soft facial features.

Mistake #2: The wrong concealer.

Mistake No. 2 - The wrong concealer

If you’re naturally prone to dark circles, a concealer with a pink hue works best on fair skin tones, while a concealer with an orange-yellow hue works best on darker skin tones. Choose only one or two shades lighter than your skin tone to avoid looking too washed out.

Mistake #3: Eyeliner or eyeliner pencil that’s too dark for your mature skin.

Mistake No. 3 - Too dark eyeliner or kohl pencil for your mature skin

There is so much more to life than black eyeliner and kohl pencils. Simply put, it’s too harsh and for all ages. But especially as the skin around your eyes starts to thin and look less natural overall. There’s no reason to look more tired than you already are. Instead, opt for a soft brown – or even better, something that accentuates the color of your eyes. For blue eyes, for example, a coppery brown is very flattering. For green eyes, a deep plum purple is perfect, and for brown eyes – a navy blue.

Mistake No. 4 in the eye makeup from 50: use dark eye shadows.

Mistake No. 4 with the eye make-up from 50 - Use dark eye shadows

Using dark shades as eyeshadow is one of the most famous mistakes in eye makeup over 50. Now that you are 50 and most likely have typical signs of aging around the eyes, you should start thinking differently about dark shades or at least learn how to use them in a way that better emphasizes and complements your eye makeup look.

Dark colors are known to shrink, while light shades expand. So if you want to make your eyes look bigger, accentuate their natural beauty, and draw the eye to your eyes rather than the fine lines, bags, and wrinkles around them, go for lighter colors instead of darker ones. Apply neutral shades to your lids that are lighter but similar to your skin tone, and then blend them well with a slightly darker shade as a transition color. This method will make all the difference and make your eyes look bigger and brighter.

Mistake #5 when applying makeup to mature skin: powder eyeshadow instead of cream eyeshadow.

Mistake No. 5 when doing make-up for mature skin - Powder eye shadow instead of cream eye shadow

It’s all about the importance of moisture for younger-looking skin, and of course, that goes for your makeup as well . Makeup with a powdery finish often settles into every fine line or wrinkle. By lunch time, it has landed in the crease of the eyelid and contributes to dehydration of the skin. Cream eyeshadow keeps skin from drying out, and if you use a primer, the eyeshadow will last all day.

Mistake #6: You skip your eyebrows.

Mistake No. 6 - You skip your eyebrows

Today it’s perfectly fine, even desirable, to leave your brows as naturally full as they are. Eyebrows frame the face and a little eyebrow gel can go a long way. If you need help with fullness, start with an eyebrow pencil. Then brush the hairs up and away from your face with the gel. It instantly makes you look more youthful and with bright eyes .

Mistake #7: Apply mascara and eyeliner to the lower eyelids and lashes.

Mistake No. 7 - Applying mascara and eyeliner to the lower eyelids and eyelashes.

No! Mascara looks like little spider legs and eyeliner is just too harsh. If you overdo it with mascara in general, your natural lashes will gradually weaken, become brittle and prone to breakage.

Mistake No. 8 in eye makeup from 50: No swinging of the eyelashes.

Mistake No. 8 in the eye make-up from 50 - No swinging of eyelashes

Swinging the lashes gives mature eyes an extra oomph, and that’s exactly what we want. The more lifted our eyes are, the more youthful they look.