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Ever heard of “E-Girl Make-up”?

Social media is full of new trends and treatments, and one has been extremely eye-catching for quite some time: “E-Girl Makeup.” Never heard of it? The term is derived from “electronic girl” and refers to a gaudy look that combines elements of emo and punk, alongside reviving many details from the 90s.

Elements of the Make Up Look

The focus of the "E-Girl trend" is definitely on the makeup – thick, curved eyeliner lines, fake freckles, strong blush on the tip of the nose. In addition, highlighter placed on cheeks and nose and various lip glosses in shades of pink. Depending on taste, small symbols such as hearts or stars can be painted on cheeks or under the eyes, or alternatively artificial freckles can be used. Eyeshadows can be pink, purple or turquoise for the e-girl style, while all those who really live the trend dye their hair in fancy colors on top. In the social media, various tutorials are circulating that offer instructions on how to implement the gaudy look.

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"E-girl makeup"tutorial by Doja Cat.

One person who has greatly helped shape and drive attention to the e-girl trend is singer-songwriter Doja Cat. In a YouTube tutorial for "Vogue" magazine, she emphasized that she has always dreamed of a "cartoonish" look. In the clip, which was already released at the end of 2019, she shows how she manages to achieve this with the help of the e-girl makeup trend:

<iframe title=”Doja Cat&#039;s Guide to E-Girl Beauty. | Beauty Secrets | Vogue” width=”700″ height=”394″ src=”” frameborder=”0″ allow=”accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture” allowfullscreen></iframe>

What does e-girl fashion style look like?

Generally speaking, it’s not just the make-up that’s important in the e-girl trend, the clothes also play a major role: dark colors, skimpy clothing, chain elements. They are often combined with massive boots and fishnet tights. In addition, elements of punk, emo, gothic, grunge and metal are mixed with colorful accessories and flashing clothes. Piercings and tattoos are just as popular as colorful hair braided into pigtails, which in combination with image filters create an almost anime-like look.