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Euphoria Make-up Trend 2022: With these ideas you get a unique & unforgettable New Year’s Eve look

The cast of Euphoria has given us endless inspiration for the most creative makeup looks we’ve ever seen. From perfectly placed gemstones to neon eyelids and tear drops full of glitter, it’s a safe bet that abstract makeup trends have skyrocketed since Ru, Cassie, Maddie, Kat and Jules came into our lives. In this article, we’re giving our full attention to the Euphoria 2022 makeup trend. And we would like to warn you – you should get out the eyelash glue as soon as possible.

Euphoria Make-up Trend 2022 – Kat, the seductress

Euphoria Make-up Trend 2022 - Kat, the seductress

In the show, Kat’s transformation from a confident and shy teenager to a confident and outspoken character is highlighted by her makeup.

A touch of red pepper

The red eyeliner goes wonderfully with Kat's wild character

Kat’s makeup should match her fierce personality. That’s why this sharp, red eyeliner look suits her well. For a fine eyeliner like the one she wears, it’s best to use a liquid eyeliner with a tiny brush on the applicator. The smaller the brush, the more precisely you can apply the inner eyeliner on the lower lash line. You can use the same liquid eyeliner to make the dot she wears just above her cheekbone.

Cherry Popsicle Eyelids

Apply a red eye shadow on the entire lid & blend it upwards to the brows

Watery red eyelids with a soft shimmer remind us of a juicy cherry ice cream. Apply a red eyeshadow on the entire lid and blend it upwards to the eyebrows. This monochromatic look consists of only one color, which is nice and simple. Complete the look with a winged eyeliner on the upper lash line and plenty of mascara.

Euphoria Makeup Trend 2022 – Jules, the colorful feminine.

Euphoria Make-up Trend 2022 - Jules, the colorful feminine one

Jules is an eclectic girl who is always bold and curious to explore what’s out there. The character exudes confidence and freedom as she does not deny her identity and the way she expresses herself. These qualities are also evident in her makeup.

Iridescent red eyes

The gold stickers in the corners of the eyes provide a color contrast that adds dimension to the whole look

It would be more fun to cry like Jules orange neon tears instead of boring normal tears, but this iridescent red rimmed eye makeup look is just as good. The bright gold stickers in the corners of the eyes provide a color contrast that adds dimension to the whole look. Use a red eyeliner and a red eye shadow and blend it around the entire eyes, top and bottom. Finally, place the decals in the inner corners of both eyes.

Jules eyelashes make everything better

Life would be more fun if we could wear lashes like Jules' at work

Life would be so much more fun if we could wear these falsies to work, don’t you think? They are beyond pretty to look at and definitely a conversation piece. To wear this look yourself, all you need is a special occasion (or not) as well as the lashes and quality eyelash glue. Apply the glue to the base of the lashes and press it on the upper and lower lash lines.

Euphoria Make-up Trend 2022 – Rue – the “beautiful chaos”.

Euphoria Make-up Trend 2022 - Rue, the beautiful chaos

Rue is the perfect flawed protagonist. Zendaya successfully conveys the complexity and fragility that is part of Rue’s character. While Rue is often seen in tomboy outfits and looks, the smeared makeup with glitter tears works exceptionally well to express the “beautiful chaos” of the character.

Tears of glitter and stars

Rue famous glitter tears were one of the most talked about makeup looks of the show Euphoria

Rue famous glitter tears were definitely one of the most talked about makeup looks of the show. All you need is a shimmery purple eye shadow, which you apply on and under your lids in the shape of a tear. For the final touch, you can then decorate your face with self-adhesive stars.

Lightning strikes twice

Rue (Zendaya's character in Euphoria) stands out with this creative makeup on both eyes

The lightning bolts on both eyes draw the eye, and the holographic cutout on the inside adds the perfect accent. For this look, use liquid eyeliner to outline the shape of the lightning bolts on either side of the eyes and above the crease. Cut a sticker and press lightly to attach it to the inside of the eyeliner.

Euphoria Makeup Trend 2022 – Maddy, the bold villainess.

Euphoria Make-up Trend 2022 - Maddy, the bold villainess

Maddy is, of course, the queen bee, but she surpasses the typical “popular girl” stereotype even further, both in terms of her fashion (she dresses in the most stunning outfits and makeup) and her personality. Maddy is confident, fierce and feisty and speaks her mind in a direct and honest way.

Maddy’s New Year’s Eve look

How to recreate the New Year's Eve makeup look of Maddy from Euphoria

Step 1: For an analogous look, apply something nude and super shimmery on your eyelids.

Step 2: Get ready to highlight the wings with your favorite black eyeliner. The most important part of this look is that you don’t pull the wings up, but straight out.

Step 3: Part of this look is the brown lip liner.

Dramatic eyeliner, split on both sides of the eyelid.

One of Maddie's unforgettable looks - Dramatic eyeliner, split on both sides of the eyelid

Another one of Maddie’s unforgettable looks. The upper and lower eyelids are outlined with a thick, black eyeliner with lines running from the outside of the lid in two directions. The same technique is repeated in the inner corners of the eyes.

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