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Easy makeup for the vacations with just four products – video tutorial

When you go on vacation, you want to relax. Long makeup routines tend to be counterproductive – and if you’re flying with only hand luggage, one or two products have to stay at home. How to conjure up a light summer make-up with just four products, Tikbow shows in the video.

Sun, relaxation, beach: Of course, you want to enjoy your well-deserved summer vacation to the fullest. Long make-up routines in front of the mirror? You don’t have to. Especially if you don’t even have all the beauty products at hand that are piling up in your cosmetics cabinet at home. You need a simple, summery make-up that doesn’t take too long to apply on vacation and doesn’t require too many individual products.

Light make-up for the vacations with only four products

A quick vacation look with just four products? That’s possible, if you slightly change the purpose of the individual make-up products.

What you need

  • Matte light to dark brown eye shadow
  • Lipstick in coral or rosé
  • Small eye shadow brush
  • Large contouring brush

Instructions für simple make-up for the vacations in the video.

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Step 1: Fill in eyebrows

For medium to dark brown hair, the eyeshadow can be used wonderfully to fill in the brows. To do this, pick up a little powder eye shadow with the small brush and work it into the brow.
Caution: This may not work for very light hair because the color deviates too much from the natural brow color. Therefore, it is best to test at home before the vacation whether an additional brow pencil or a light eyebrow gel is needed.

Step 2: Contouring

The eye shadow can also be used for contouring. To do this, apply a small amount of product to the cheekbones with the larger brush.
Caution: Eye shadow is often more pigmented than bronzer, so start with a small amount and tap the brush before applying to avoid dark bars on the cheeks.

Step 3: Eye shadow and kajal

Now it’s the eye’s turn. For a natural look, simply spread some eyeshadow over the entire eyelid. Use either the contouring brush or your fingers. Afterwards, the finer, smaller brush can be used to imitate a gentle kohl line. Simply draw a fine eyeshadow line along the lash line.

Step 4: Time for blush!

Eye shadow is great as a blush substitute. Simply apply a small amount to the cheeks and gently work it in with your fingers. Soft corals or pinks are best. Be careful with too dark, blue-tinged reds!

Step 5: Lipstick rounds off the make-up for the vacations

Now just dab a little lipstick on the mouth – and the quick make-up for vacation is ready!

Extra tip: Still room for an extra product in your cosmetics bag? If you can’t do without mascara when doing your makeup on vacation, pack an extra mascara. It opens up the look and rounds off the look, especially for people with very light eyelashes.