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Easy evening make-up for women over 50: How to conjure up the perfect evening look in 10 minutes!

It’s not always easy to create the perfect evening look, especially if you’re already over 50 and have droopy eyelids. Classic smokey eyes are not suitable for older women because dark makeup makes eyes look smaller and can accentuate eye wrinkles. And many women over 60 wonder if a bright lipstick is even appropriate. Don’t worry. Check out the makeup tutorial below to learn how to whip up a light evening makeup look for women 50+.

First make up an even complexion

Apply foundation with a buffer brush and blend it.

1.The basis for long-lasting makeup is primer. Spread it evenly on the face like a cream. You can read about the benefits of a makeup primer here. Then apply a light, moisturizing foundation. It is best to use a Buffer Brush for this.

Apply concealer under the eyes

2. to cleverly conceal dark circles, dab concealer under the eyes and blend well.

Apply Eyeshadow Primer on the eyelid

3. so that the eye shadow does not settle in the creases, apply an Eyeshadow Primer on the eyelid.

For evening make-up, the eyes are emphasized extra

light evening make-up in brown tones

4. After the even foundation is made up, you can now turn your attention to the eye make-up. For a light evening make-up from 50, rely on an eyeshadow palette in brown tones. First, apply a light eye shadow of the color family over the eyelid to just below the eyebrow using a Crease Brush. 6.

Distribute the darker tone in the outer third of the movable eyelid.

5. Then, spread the darker shade on the outer third of the moving lid and slightly above the crease. If you look directly in a mirror, the eyeshadow should actually be visible.

place the darker tone on the lower lash line

On the lower lash line, you can also apply the darker shade in the outer area. 7.

Distribute the darker tone in the outer third of the movable eyelid.

7. draw a thin eyeliner line close to the upper lash line with a gel kajal. For a natural look, smudge the kajal with a smudger brush or a cotton swab. 5.

Blur eyeliner with a cotton swab

Then go over the eyeliner with a dark brown eyeshadow and a thin brush. This creates an even softer transition. To complete the look, apply mascara.

Thin eyebrows makeup right

Eyebrows make-up and shape for women over 50

8. eyebrows are not as dense with age. That’s why you should fill in the eyebrows with a powder. You can also shape and fix the hairs with a transparent eyebrow gel. You can read more about eyebrow make-up in this article.

Finally, add some color to the evening make-up

Apply blush to apples of cheeks

9. To conjure up a fresh look, gently sweep some blush over the apples of your cheeks. Cream blush looks very natural and is perfect for dry skin. Next comes the highlighter, which you place on the cheekbones.

Outline and make up lips for the perfect evening look

10. you set your lips wonderfully in scene with an eye-catching lipstick. Outline the lips with a lipliner and then apply the lipstick. You can find more tips on how to make up narrow lips fuller in this article.

Evening make-up for women over 50 Before and after