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Draping makeup: what’s behind the new beauty trend and how is it done?

While most of the time in the last months we were at home without makeup or rather relied on natural looks, the makeup trends for 2021 are more diverse and colorful than ever! To counter the gloomy mood, fashion designers were creative on the runways of Fashionweeks Spring/Summer 2021 and presented us with many great highlights. From bright red lips to classic smokey eyes and colorful pink eyeliner – there is certainly something for everyone and all beauty junkies will get their money’s worth. After the glamorous hairstyles of the 80s were brought back to life, it’s no surprise that another trend from the past is celebrating its comeback as well. Countouring was yesterday – draping makeup is THE trend to look forward to for spring! Make your face shine and find out here what’s behind it and how to achieve the trendy look!

welche Rouge Farbe für mein Gesicht Draping Make-up Trend

Draping make-up already provided an expressive look in the 80s and numerous style icons such as Madonna, Cher and Cyndi Lauper have used the technique to give their faces more contour and make them shine. Unlike countouring, draping uses blush, which makes the look chic and modern at the same time. Contours are conjured up in two different shades and basically it is another variant of countouring.

Draping make-up: What is behind the beauty trend?

Makeup Trends 2021 Draping Make-up Anleitung

Draping make-up refers to the beautiful distribution of blush. Using two different shades of blush gives our face a refreshing and modern look, and is just the right color rush we could all use right now. Draping makeup follows the natural shape of the cheekbones and could also be called statement blush. And the best part? There are simply no limits in terms of what shades and tones to use. Whether you opt for a soft subtle look in pastel pink or you prefer shiny gold shades, it all depends on your own taste.

Here’s how easy it is to achieve the modern look yourself

Rihanna Makeup Looks 2017 Draping Make-up Trend Anleitung

Can you still remember the incredibly cool Rihanna look for the “Met Gala 2017”? Well, that’s draping makeup. It looks stunning, doesn’t it? The makeup trend was actually brought to life circa 2 years ago by fashion legend Marc Jacobs himself when he launched the “Air Blush Soft Glow Duos” product. The magic of draping is to match the blush shades so that they make our complexion glow and frame our face perfectly.

Makeup Trends Frühjahr 2021 was ist Draping Make-up

Getting the look is much easier than you think and below we’ll explain how.

  • First, perform your usual makeup routine – that is, apply cream, concealer, foundation, etc.
  • Once you’ve found the perfect blush colors for you, proceed just as you would with classic countouring. Apply the lighter shade to your cheekbones and the darker shade below your bones. Depending on your preference, you can also apply the lighter shade along the temples to the highest point of the brow. This will give the face the popular V-shape and provide a more even look.
  • To avoid sharp edges or color borders, you should blend the transitions between the shades well. You don’t need a special brush for this – the usual blush brush is perfectly adequate.
  • A little tip from us: It is best to choose blush palettes that contain several coordinated shades. Experiment until you find the most flattering combination for your skin type.

Draping makeup adds a unique, refreshing touch to the face

Draping Make-up Anleitung Rouge Farbe wählen Tipps

Draping makeup is a great way to welcome the sunny spring weather and freshen up our beauty routine a bit. The combination of a darker and lighter blush shade creates a gorgeous spring-like and natural complexion. However, so that the look doesn’t look too cluttered and you pick up the trend in style, we recommend keeping the rest of the makeup natural. The draping effect is particularly effective when you tie your hair into a chignon or a ponytail.

How do you find the perfect blush color?

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The color choice in draping makeup gives a lot of room for experimentation and does not exclusively refer to shades of pink or red. However, to achieve a great and flattering effect and make your face glow, it is important to find the perfect shade.

  • Women with lighter skin are best advised to use different shades of red. Light pink or golden and slightly yellowish shades look very natural. Blue-toned shades, on the other hand, make the complexion look uneven and are best avoided.
  • Warm skin tones tolerate darker colors like gold or terracotta particularly well.
  • To accentuate your dark skin, choose bright and bright colors like orange or pink.

Draping Make-up Anleitung Schminktrends Frühjahr 2021