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Disco Brows – how to make up the glittery eyebrow trend

While eyebrows received little attention until a few years ago, new trends are now popping up almost monthly: Whether Feathered Brows, Soap Brows or Bleached Brows, on the Internet you can find the right tutorial for just about any look. Brand new: Disco Brows! Tikbow took a closer look at how they work.

Maybe it’s because of the constant wearing of masks that eyebrows are now more important and more elaborately styled than ever before. After all, next to the eyes themselves, they are the focal point of the face, the lower half of which is almost no longer visible in public. But not only with the shape and color of the brows is experimented wildly, their texture and finish there are now quite schön many styling tricks. For example, Disco Brows!

Disco Brows are the perfect companions for the next party!

This styling trend has triggered the US make-up artist Megs Cahill: In a photo on Instagram she showed herself with pink-glittery brows, her fans immediately requested a tutorial for the eye-catching party look. Megs Cahill then showed directly on Instagram and TikTok – how it is made up and found great appeal and imitators for her eyebrows. They glitter so much that they could compete with a disco ball – and probably owe their name to it.

This is how the look works

Step 1: First, the brows are slightly lengthened and thickened with an eyebrow pencil.
Step 2: Transparent eyebrow gel is then applied. The brows are now lifted and shaped with the help of a brow pencil.
Step 3: Let dry well!
Step 4: Now comes the glitter! This is dabbed gently onto the brows with the fingers as a highly pigmented shimmer eye shadow or highlights.
Step 5: If you like, take a very fine, liquid eyebrow pencil and paint a few individual hairs on the glittering brow.

What should you look for in Disco Brows?

Disco brows are a real statement and don’t like to be upstaged. A slightly shimmering eye make-up in nude tönes and transparent lip gloss goes well with the eye-catching brows. Smokey eyes or red lips, on the other hand, are too much of a good thing. A good fixing spray helps to keep the glittering eyebrows in shape all day – or all night – respectively.