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Did you know what blister plasters do to pimples?

From bubble patches for pimples to contouring with lipstick, the most clicked beauty hacks on social media range from creative to crazy. Tikbow knows what’s currently trending among influencers in the areas of hair, makeup and skincare.

Social media and beauty führen a very special relationship. On the one hand, what works on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube and Co. is mostly what impresses visually, and on the other hand, the popular platforms are practically inconceivable without trend formation these days. Which six beauty trends are currently extremely hyped on social media?

Blister plasters against pimples

Already a trend in America for a few months, it has now spilled over into Germany: on social media, the use of blister patches against pimples is currently causing a stir. Such pads contain hydrocolloid, which absorbs wound fluid and forms a gel cushion. This protects the inflamed pimple against germs, stops the inflammation and promotes wound healing. Beauty influencers simply cut the blister plasters into small pieces and stick them on the pimple overnight. Caution: The hydrocolloid plaster only fights the inflammation or the wound. The trend is not suitable for small skin impurities, blackheads or for the prevention of pimples.

Negative Space Nails

After Baby Boomer Nails and Milky Nails, Negative Space Nails are the latest hype on Instagram. Here, the majority of the nail appears unpainted or even slightly transparent and only small areas are highlighted with color. How exactly, that varies.

Especially popular at the moment are the so-called Swirly Nails, where fine color curves run across the nail. These are painted freely by hand and may also be multicolored. It is best to go to an experienced nail studio, because the technique is not for beginners.

Classic French nails are also getting a negative-space update: instead of pink nails with natural-looking white tips, the nail tips are now deliberately emphasized with color, while the rest of the nail remains plain. The choice of color does not have to be glamorous: whether metallic, candy pastels, neon or futuristic designs – there are no limits to creativity this season.

Rouge rediscovers itself

For years, only neutrals and the nude-to-brown color palette were in for makeup. Blush had all but disappeared from the market, replaced by heavy contouring and precisely applied bronzer. This is now changing, because blush is celebrating its ultimate comeback. Whether in powder form, as tint, creme blush or stick for blending – the cheek red now comes in all variations.

But that’s not all: as always, TikTok is one step further. Many creators now even go über to contour their entire face with red lipstick. The beauty hack is said to provide a special freshness.

Slugging with Vaseline

When slugging, influencers first follow the normal steps of their skincare routine, but then they use a surprising product: Vaseline. It is applied thickly to the entire face and is intended to seal the previously used serums, creams & Co. "seal”. The trend comes as so often from Korea and is suitable according to social media especially für people with very dry skin. Caution: Dermatologists advise against such experiments for acne, pimples or very sensitive skin.

French cut beauty trend on social media

Last year, curtain bangs were high on the agenda. That’s over now, the new hairstyle of the moment is French Cut. Also known as French Girl Fringe, the fringe has now completely conquered Instagram & Co. The look is based on the classic fringe, but deliberately looks müheless and undone – just like the typical French chic. The hair is supposed to look as if it has been randomly blown out of the forehead and can even be parted in the middle.

Curls with socks

Definitely recommended is the sock curls trend that has been circulating on social media since the lockdown, because it ensures soft waves without any heat. For this, the hair strands are wrapped around thick socks while still slightly damp and fixed. The next morning, remove the socks and gently run your fingers through the resulting waves – ready is a curls styling without curling iron or other damaging tools.