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Correct makeup for wrinkles: These makeup tips for women over 50 make mature skin glow

Mature skin needs a lot of care to stay healthy and radiant. But even if you get a more beautiful complexion, from 50 here and there remain some wrinkles. For us, wrinkles are sympathetic witnesses of the past years, but admittedly: every now and then you still want to conjure up a fresh look. Fortunately, you can look younger with the right makeup tips. Correct make-up for wrinkles: this is what you should pay attention to.

The right make-up for wrinkles: These products are well suited for mature skin

A natural make-up, which conceals one or the other wrinkle and at the same time brings out the facial features, can cheat away a few years. But for this purpose, in the first place, you should choose the appropriate products.

Primer conceals imperfections

1. a primer is the best foundation for a flawless, natural makeup. The product spreads evenly and serves an important purpose. It prevents makeup from settling into creases after just a few hours. In addition, it has good coverage properties and can cover not only wrinkles, but also other small imperfections such as rough pores.  Choose an oil-free primer so that it mattifies the skin. Products with green pigments can additionally cover redness on the face.

Anti-aging foundation covers wrinkles

correct make up for wrinkles from 50

2, The right foundation can do wonders for mature skin. However, care must be taken when choosing the right product. A thick and heavily covering consistency can have the opposite effect: the makeup looks like a mask, dries the skin and makes it more vulnerable to weather conditions. So opt for special anti-aging products that moisturize the skin and make the wrinkles go away. You should also be extra careful when applying the product. Too much of a good thing can also achieve the opposite of what you want in this case. Therefore, always use a cosmetic tissue to remove excess amounts of makeup.

Concealer against deep wrinkles

Concealer from 50 what to consider

3, You can cover deep wrinkles with a concealer, one or even better two shades lighter than your skin tone. Put some product on your fingers and dab it into the problem area. Then blend it with foundation using light, circular motions.

Correct makeup for wrinkles: Useful tips

Make up from 50 which products to use

For now: first apply a suitable day cream and let it absorb.

Use the primer first. Choose a lighter shade than your skin tone. Match the primer to the foundation – either the two products should be water-based or contain silicone. Take a makeup sponge and, starting from the center of your face, spread the primer to your cheeks, chin and forehead. On the nose, apply a little more of the product. You can dab the product onto the area around the eyes with your fingers. Then blend all areas and wait until the product is absorbed.

Apply foundation for mature skin. You can apply the product with make-up sponges as well as with a brush. It is best to use a make-up egg to blend the liquid foundation. Beginners can first try it by hand, because this makes the makeup a little easier. When blending the product, proceed similarly to applying the primer. Always start in the center of the face and then blend the product outward. Work the foundation in with circular movements without pressure. Try to use as little of the product as possible. The thinner the foundation, the more natural the look.

Conceal wrinkles around the eyes with nude eye shadow

correct make up for eyes from 50 against wrinkles

Apply eyeshadow to conceal wrinkles around the eyes:  Natural shades that harmonize with your skin tone can conceal wrinkles and make you look younger. Colors with light-reflecting particles and glitter also look beautiful as you age. The important thing is that the glow is quite subtle. Another advantage: nude colors do not have to be blended out.

Tip: For an expressive look, you can emphasize or fill in the eyebrows with a pencil. In this case, too, the focus is on naturalness. So rather apply less than too much.

Correct make-up for wrinkles: Which lipstick color makes young?

Natural makeup from 50 useful tips

While the eye shadow must be kept subtle, the lipstick may be a little more noticeable. Red and berry shades suit women over 50 particularly well. The reason: the red color creates a facial contrast. The great contrast in the face makes you look younger and the skin also looks fresher.

Does blush from 50 really make you look younger?

correct make up for wrinkles what to consider natural make up from 50

Blush is a cosmetic product that can cheat away a few years. The most important thing is to apply it correctly. Apply blush with a brush on the highest part of the cheeks and then spread it up to the hair, gradually blending it out. Take a pink shade and apply the blush very sparingly.