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Cold Girl Makeup: The TikTok trend that has inspired millions! Learn how to create the look!

Winter weather is certainly not for everyone, but the Cold Girl makeup trend is. Makeup artists and influencers are capturing a fresh frosty look with more blush than usual, little contouring, voluminous lashes, and of course glitter everywhere. The goal is to give the face that “I just ran through a snowstorm and somehow my makeup is still intact” look. Read on to learn how to achieve this on-trend look.

More about Cold Girl Make-up and its creator

Zoe Kim Kenealy is the artist who created the cold girl makeup trend

Zoe Kim Kenealy, the artist who created the Cold Girl Makeup trend, gave her TikTok followers a detailed video tutorial on how to achieve the Frostbitten look on October 17, 2022. The video has since been viewed over 2.3 million times and the hashtag #coldgirlmakeup has over 36.4 million views.

@zoekimkenealy#greenscreen I think this is my favorite TikTok I’ve ever made even tho I felt so basic going outside and taking selfies with my Starbucks it was also the highlight of my day hehe it’s makeup for serotonin feels and hallmark movie time! It’s the im cold it’s winter and the holidays and fall makeup look tutorial. #wintermakeup#fallmakeuplook#coldmakeup#maccosmetics#benefitcosmetics#makeupforever#wintermakeuplook♬ august – Taylor Swift

Kenealy has been drawn to the look with flushed cheeks since she was a young girl searching the Internet for makeup inspiration. “Every photo of a girl with rosy cheeks in cold weather touched me so much that I thought I’d do a TikTok attempt to create this look,” Kenealy says. Originally inspired by fall foliage, winter fashion and a latte, Kenealy describes the Cold Girl Makeup look as a romanticization of winter weather meant to make you feel warm and cozy. “For one, the look is contemporary and approachable, which makes it perfect for beginners,” she says.

Kenealy says the frost-bitten look is much more than a trend – it glorifies a common human experience. “I think one of the reasons we love TikTok so much is that we recognize that we all share so many human experiences that we may have previously thought of as personal,” she says. “The Cold Girl Makeup look is one of those moments.”

Create Cold Girl Makeup Yourself – Follow these steps.

Winter weather certainly isn't for everyone, but the Cold Girl Makeup Trend is

This look is a fun way to make winter seem less uncomfortable and more festive.

Start with a matte base

Makeup artists recommend a frosty look for winter with more blush than usual

With this particular makeup trend, the goal is not to be shiny or dewy. Powder down any areas where you naturally shine. Kenealy advises you to use a powder to create an even, blurred base. Spread the powder in your T-zone, under your eyes, on your forehead, nose and chin to create a uniform, matte look.

@alice_nevin Cold girl makeup tutorial (my fave winter makeup) #coldgirlmakeup#winter#makeuptutorial♬ Jingle Bell Rock – Bobby Helms

Then spray a setting spray on your foundation to keep it smooth all day long.

Apply lots of blush

Create cold girl makeup yourself - Apply lots of blush

Leave your fear of blush at the door. To achieve those frosty cheeks, Kenealy recommends combining pink and orange blush, but avoid overly bold shades. Apply the blush to the apples of the cheeks and blend it down to the eye area for a flirty look. Then, place the blush on the center of your nose to accentuate it. Then go over the blush with a light pink powder to smooth it out.

Play with glitter

For a frosty look - add a touch of glitter

Kenealy says the Cold Girl makeup look is complete after you create a matte base and apply the right blush. However, if you want to add a little shimmer to your eyelids, apply some liquid eyeliner and a silvery shimmer shadow to mimic a matte look. Blend the silvery shadow on your eyelid up to your brow bone to achieve the “fresh from the snowball fight” look. Add a touch of glitter wherever you feel it’s necessary – on the tip of your nose, the inner corners, or on your chin – just make sure the blush is still the focal point of the look.

Don’t forget the gloss

Complete the frosty bit trend with a frosty lip gloss

In Kenealy’s signature look, she takes a pumpkin red lipstick and casually dabs it on with her finger, giving it a raw look. You can add an extra accent with a frosty lip gloss. Gently apply the lipstick to your lips and cover them with your favorite icy gloss to mimic the soft but cold look. Complete the frost bitten trend with your favorite mascara, a brow gel and another layer of matte setting spray.

Bottom line: blush may ultimately be the most important ingredient for the cold girl makeup look, but the most important thing when trying out a trend is to have fun with it. “You never have to follow a step-by-step makeup routine, and cold girl makeup is no different,” says Kenealy.