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Christmas makeup 2022: Create the coolest look with these festive makeup tips!

The options for 2022 Christmas makeup are endless, but they all have one thing in common: a sense of fun. Whether you prefer subtle makeup or want to show off with glitter and rhinestones, spicing up your everyday look will allow you to enjoy the party season in all its frivolity and freshness. There are 2 major trends for Christmas 2022. First, bold lips – as a soft glam look prevails in spring and summer, you will see even more splashes of color on your lips at Christmas. Secondly, glitters on the face and body are cool and trendy.

Festive Christmas make-up 2022 – classic smokey eyes

Festive Christmas make-up 2022 - classic smokey eyes

The first of our Christmas makeup looks is an all-around winner for the party season – classic smokey eyes. Black, glowing eye makeup is a signature look to have in your cosmetic arsenal, especially for Christmas when your social calendar is full of party events. A golden smokey eyes look spices up classic makeup with a festive touch. The beauty of this party makeup is that the gold tone adds a warmer element to the iconic black smokey eyes. It’s the perfect makeup for the party season to complement a glittery cocktail dress or a festive party outfit.

Christmas makeup idea – festive red lips.

Christmas makeup idea - festive red lips

You see splashes of red everywhere during the Christmas season, so why not go for this festive color in your Christmas makeup? With a dark red lipstick, you can emulate the glamorous movie stars from classic Christmas movies.

Eye makeup for Christmas 2022 – metallic colors.

Eye make-up for Christmas 2022 - metallic colors

This is the makeup look for the party season that is guaranteed to catch everyone’s eye! For a dazzling glow in your Christmas makeup, metallic eyes are your new favorite. For a truly festive, metallic look, opt for green and gold glitter eye makeup. A green and gold makeup look that incorporates more of the iconic festive colors brings out the best in the shimmering emerald and champagne tones for a flawless festive finish.

Christmas eye makeup – gold glitter eyeliner.

Make up eyes for Christmas - golden glitter eyeliner

Give your makeup a subtle Christmas glow with gold glitter eyeliner and make it instantly party-ready. The beauty of this party makeup is that it’s very similar to your everyday eyeliner look, but with an added dose of festive glamour. The eyeliner is perfect to quickly jazz up your everyday makeup for the Christmas party or after-work drinks with the girls.

Eyeshadow ideas – bold glitter eyes.

Ideas for eye shadow - bold glitter eyes

Christmas is the season of bright reds, sparkling golds and festive greens. So why not take inspiration from the holiday season and add bolder colors to your Christmas party makeup? You can try something new with royal blue shades that will embellish your makeup for the perfect Christmas party. Dark blue glitter makeup with its shimmering sapphire tones will remind you of the tranquility of a starry winter night.

A silver makeup look for Christmas 2022

Another Christmas glitter eye makeup look on our list is a silver makeup look. Silver glitter makeup evokes images of dreamy white Christmas and beautiful snowflakes. Choose highly pigmented products that last long for this eye-catching look.

Christmas makeup 2022 – emerald green eyes.

Christmas makeup 2022 - emerald green eyes

This deep green shade focuses on the eyes. When paired with nude lips, it remains wearable and lets this gorgeous color speak for itself. When applying a bold color on the eye, you usually have to pare down the details and avoid complicated shading. A block of one color along with a good coat of mascara is usually enough to add drama to the eye without looking clownish.

Shimmer for blue and gray eyes

Shimmer for blue and gray eyes

Smokey eyes look extra Christmassy with a dab of glitter on the lids. This look consists of a black winged eyeliner, smoky gray transitions and a good dose of silver glitter. This eyeshadow is especially great for blue or gray eyes!

Subtle makeup in pink

Subtle makeup in pink

At the 2022 Oscars, actress Lily James combined muted pink eyes with the best pink lipstick for a natural look that perfectly complemented the romantic mood of her dress. It’s even more practical to stick to one palette to take the guesswork out of color combinations.

Christmas makeup 2022 – orange-red lips

Christmas make-up 2022 - orange-red lips

Red lips are a classic Christmas makeup and they come in all sorts of shades and styles. This orange-red lip look, combined with flawless skin and simple black eye makeup, looks more modern than the classic red, as well as avoiding bright colors on the rest of the face. Since color accents are essential for the new beauty, try a bright orange as an alternative to a classic red lip. A shot of orange on a pretty face always looks chic and not garish.

Play with colors and rhinestones

Play with the colors and rhinestones

Christmas is the perfect opportunity to play with colors and textures, and there’s really no better time to step out with a sparkly eye. Contrasting, bold hues, like these rhinestone eyes and pink lip, make an absolute statement – and an all-black outfit really sets it off.