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Choose the red lipstick depending on the skin color

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It is important that you choose the nuance from the red lipstick depending on the skin color, so that you also do not look overdone, but harmoniously made up. So, if you would like to wear a red lipstick, but you have difficulties in choosing the right shade, we will definitely help you with this article. We’ll explain which shades of red go best with which skin color, so that you too will soon be able to wear red lipstick with confidence. After all, red lipstick is something that should not be missing in any makeup box.

Red lipstick according to skin tone – skin tone with a slight yellow undertone.

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Blue-based red or pink tones are best suited for such a skin tone. Stars with such a skin tone include Olivia Wilde and Hayden Panettiere.

Red lipstick according to skin tone – skin tone with a slight pink undertone.

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It is best to choose peach tones. This way, you will get a softer look. Likewise, a brick red is also suitable, but it is based on orange. Such a skin color is worn by Scarlett Johansson, Amanda Seyfried and Emma Watson.

Red lipstick depending on the skin color – Very pale skin.

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If you have pale skin, you should still find out what undertone it has. Then choose a suitable shade of red for the lipstick accordingly, which can be quietly nice and strong. A pale skin have known beauties like Dita Von Teese andRooney Mara.

Red lipstick depending on skin color – Dark skin.

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Such a skin color brings with it the advantage that just about any lipstick color will suit it. It is best to choose a violet-based red shade with a plum nuance or else a pinkish lipstick. The former creates a vibrant look, while the latter is more suitable for girly styling. You can get inspiration from Beyonce, Tyra Banks and Iman, among others.

Red lipstick according to skin color – Asian skin.

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For this skin color, you can choose a shade that is even very trendy at the moment. What is meant is the coral color. Ladies with such skin are, for example, Liu Wen and Lucy Liu.

Red lipstick depending on the color of the skin – With red hair.

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A bright red lipstick is best if you have red hair. Another variation is a red with a blue undertone. Look at photos of Christina Hendricks or Coco Rocha to see for yourself the great effect of such a lipstick in combination with red hair.

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