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Beauty trends for summer 2022: these are the biggest novelties you should definitely try!

Summer is the most popular season for beauty trends. Something changes in the season – covering foundation becomes a weightless complexion, carefully placed highlighter becomes dewy skin and anything heavy becomes completely unnecessary. Summer is the time to play with makeup, accentuate natural skin and make fun, playful statements. This season is all about “skinimalism,” making skin the center of attention. Think glazed skin, lots of blush and natural-looking finishes. Add a bright, playful eyeliner and you’ve got your 2022 summer look down pat.

What are the makeup trends for summer 2022?

Latest makeup trends for summer 2022

Besides having fun in the open, summer nature, it’s natural to dream about the chic ways to update your makeup. The latest cosmetic trends include:

  1. No-makeup look to keep you looking fresh and pretty.
  2. Radiant and dewy skin with a good complexion
  3. Glazed donut skin
  4. Glossy lips
  5. Smokey eyes look
  6. Statement lips are making a comeback
  7. Double eyeliner is very modern and chic
  8. Embellishments with appliqués

Beauty trends for summer 2022: no makeup

No make-up - beauty trends for summer 2022

The no-makeup look for summer is very popular among many ladies. Especially in hot places and days, you hate wearing a lot of makeup and then it flakes off. This is a great way to look pretty and fresh throughout the day in summer. You can achieve this look with a light foundation, a sunscreen that enhances the glow, and a mascara that makes lashes look long and lush.

A good tip for a simple, unbeatable daytime look is to use blush and bronzer on your eyes, cheeks and lips. A monochromatic makeup look like this provides a cohesive finish for the whole face, and you can enjoy using just one product before you start your day. Cream colored blushes or bronzers are just right for this look.

New beauty trends in summer – glowing skin.

Radiant and fresh skin as one of the beauty trends

People are excited about glowing and dewy skin this summer, because glowing skin means healthy skin. The best way to get a glowing complexion is to take care of your skin. Protecting your skin with products like sunscreens, tinted moisturizers and vitamin C serums is the most important step in any makeup routine. With clear and healthy skin, our makeup looks dewy and light all summer long. Complement your cosmetics with a light highlighter to make your skin glow. Beauty pros recommend regular gentle exfoliation and a minimum of makeup and concealer.

The glazed donut skin as one of the beauty trends.

Glazed donut skin - beauty trends summer 2022

Hailey Bieber nailed it: glazed donut skin is the skin look all women will be aiming for this spring/summer. This is the trend where makeup meets skincare. The younger sibling of dewy skin, glazed skin is all about a fresh, glassy finish, but how you achieve it is up to you. A super dewy moisturizer, an oil-based serum, a glossy foundation or good old highlighter are the best ways to achieve this look.

Current makeup trends – glossy lips

Latest beauty trends summer 2022 - glossy lips

Thanks to the resurgence of Y2K, glossy lips have made an epic return. And the best part? They’re so easy to wear. You can make your lips look as moist as ice cubes with a sheer lip gloss, or create your own shade with a few coats.

Smokey eyes look to be one of the beauty trends in 2022

Smokey eyes are very popular in summer 2022

Grunge is going to be one of the biggest trends for fall/winter 2022. Consider the spring/summer smokey eyes look as your warm-up act. You can have fun with this trend, especially if you emulate Julia Fox’s look.

Statement lips are making a comeback

Statement lips make a comeback

After two years of wearing masks (and a subsequent drop in lipstick sales), ladies are reaching for their bright lipsticks again. Whether you choose a classic red, a neon orange or a bright pink, the options are endless.

Classic red lips have never stopped trending, but they’ve been given a makeover for summer 2022. From grunge colors (blood red hues and dark purple, for example) to a smudged look, there’s more than one way to wear red.

The double eyeliner is very fashionable

Double eyeliner - the latest beauty trends in summer 2022

Eyeliner is an essential part of any makeup routine, and the beauty product will continue to be on the rise among women of all ages this summer. Use a black liner along the upper lash line and then apply a bright, contrasting color over it to mimic the look of two different colored lashes. You can also apply a glitter gel on top of the eyeliner to add something extra.

Makeup trends summer 2022: embellishments with appliqués.

The latest makeup trends - embellishments for the eyes

What could be better than adorning a makeup look with a few accessories? Although glitter has been trending for a while, this summer you will see more eye applications (stones and pearls, for example). To achieve this look, apply the appliqués with eyelash glue on the eye areas you want to enhance. A string of pearls along the outer lash line or a simple line of rhinestones along the lower lash will instantly spice up your summer makeup.

Embellishments with applications for the face - beauty trends 2022