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Applying blush correctly – tips for every face shape

Rouge brings freshness to the face – but when applied correctly, the reddish makeup in powder or cream form can do much more. Tikbow explains how to emphasize the shape of your face with the right application and which blush shade flatters whom.

Apply blush to match the shape of the face

Where exactly the blush is placed on the face depends on the purpose it is to serve. Accentuated apple blushes create a fresh look, blush on and next to the nose bridge conjures up a sun-kissed style, placed on the cheekbones it can support contouring. In any case, it also makes sense to use your own face shape as a guideline when applying makeup and thus highlight it as best as possible.

Oval face

Apply blush graphic for oval faces
Photo: Tikbow

All those with an oval face can best emphasize their facial features if they apply the blush on top of the cheekbones and then blend it out towards the slit. This creates a lifting effect and highlights the cheekbones.

Round face

Apply blush graphic for round faces
Photo: Tikbow

For round faces, it makes sense to apply the blush relatively deep, i.e. slightly below the cheeks. This gives the face contour and makes it look a bit more angular and defined.

Heart-shaped face

Apply blush graphic for heart-shaped faces
Photo: Tikbow

Heart-shaped faces are flattered by a blush look in which the color is applied relatively deep on the outside of the cheekbones. This gives the face a beautifully refreshed and softly contoured look, while at the same time drawing the focus to the eyes.

Long face

Apply blush graphic for casual faces
Photo: Tikbow

For a flat face, blush is best applied in an almost horizontal position in the center of the face. This draws the eye to the center of the face and visually shortens the usually quite pronounced forehead and chin area.

Trapezoidal face

Apply blush graphic for trapezoidal faces
Photo: Tikbow

All those with a trapezoidal face usually already have relatively prominent cheekbones. Therefore, it is important not to further strengthen the contour, otherwise the facial features will quickly appear very hard. Therefore, it is best to dab on the blush above the cheekbones, which has the opposite effect and makes the look softer.

Square face

Apply blush graphic for square faces
Photo: Tikbow

With a square or angular face shape, the jawline is quite pronounced. Blush can make the face look softer. To do this, simply dab a little product onto the center of the cheekbones to emphasize the apple-shaped bones. This sets off the center of the face, balancing out the jawline.

Which blush color suits me?

Another factor to consider when it comes to blush is the right choice of color. This again depends on the desired effect, but should ideally also be selected to match the complexion.

Light skin types

All those with very fair skin should rather stay away from too gaudy blushes, they quickly become too much, because the contrast to the skin color is too high. Soft pink and peach shades are better suited.

Medium skin tone

Medium skin tones usually come with a warm undertone. Warm terracotta colors are also a great match for the sun-kissed look, while mauve shades are the perfect choice for those who like things a little more gaudy.

Darker skin types

Mauve shades are also a good choice for darker skin types, as are deep reds and crisp peaches. Pink shades can also work, but it is better not to choose shades that are too light, otherwise the blush will lose its refreshing effect! Bright colors are the better choice.