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8 make-up faux pas and how to avoid them

Overdrawn eyes, misplaced blush, foundation that’s too matte – Tikbow knows the tricks to avoid these and other makeup fails.

Make-up fail: Foundation too dark or too light

If you apply your makeup in the bathroom, where the light is usually rather warm, you risk a makeup fail. In this case, it is almost impossible to find the right tone for a foundation that looks natural outdoors. The result: makeup usually looks too dark or orange, and too much powder looks like it has been glued on. Our tip: If you wear makeup in daylight, you should also wear it in daylight. Simply stand by the window and apply makeup with a hand mirror.

Blotchy foundation

A lot helps a lot? Not with make-up! Too much foundation looks mask-like and unnatural, skin blemishes and pimples are more prominent. Ideally, the texture should blend with the skin so that the complexion looks even, but not made up. In order to avoid blotches and marks, the foundation should be worked well into the skin with the fingertips. Blur Ränder on the chin and hairline, otherwise the complexion will look too harsh.

Concealer applied incorrectly

Concealer is a miracle weapon against dark circles, imperfections and pimples, but can quickly mutate into a make-up fail. It must be applied after the foundation. Otherwise, wipe it off again. Concealer should have a paste-like consistency and not be too liquid. In addition, never smear, but gently pat in, otherwise fältchen are emphasized.

Placing blush incorrectly

Cremerouge conjures up freshness in the face – and if necessary also on the lips. But beware! Thick blush bars with clearly visible Rändern do not look favorable. Give für a beautiful result mönes little color on your fingers and apply them directly to the cheekbones, with the brush afterwards gently the blur. Lächeln before applying! The blush must be placed directly where small bumps form when you smile.

Choosing kajal too dark – a popular make-up fail

Even Duchess Kate falls into this make-up trap and wears black kohl on the lower edge of the eyelid. The dark, hard lines make the look more severe and visually reduce the eyes. Our tip: Instead of black, use brown, which makes the eye make-up softer and more flattering. It is better to apply black eyeliner or kajal only to the upper edge of the eyelid.

Clumpy mascara

So-called fly legs out you as a beginner in make-up and look good at most as a cool statement on photo spreads in glossy magazines. Place the mascara brush directly at the base of the lashes and apply the color in zigzag movements. Make sure that the mascara does not clump during application. If necessary, you can use a worn-out toothbrush to gently remove clumps.

Choose lip color that is too dark

Dark lipstick makes the mouth look smaller, narrower and harder. In addition, teeth often look more yellowish. Lighter types should better go for delicate shades of pink or apricot. For a dark, olive complexion, bold and warmer reds are best. For dyed teeth, bluish shades such as light pink make the smile look more radiant.

Overdrawing eyebrows

Painted eyebrows look hard and unnatural. Absolute no-go: Use a brow pencil to trace the entire curve of the brows. Always trace only individual hairs, blending the color well. By the way: The hair color determines the color tone – the lighter the hair, the lighter the eyebrow pencil should be.