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7 tricks to make your makeup last in the heat

The forehead is shiny, the mascara is crumbling and the lipstick has long since disappeared – high temperatures literally melt away not only us, but also our makeup. That’s why beauty pros don’t just change their face cream in the summer, they also change their makeup routine. Tikbow has seven anti-heat tips that will keep your makeup looking fresh and beautiful for an entire mid-summer day.

Go for light makeup in the heat

In sweaty heat, heavy makeup quickly feels uncomfortable. BB or CC creams are the better choice here. They score with light textures, moisturize the skin and even protect it from the sun, if they contain a sun protection factor. Pasty, heavy makeup, on the other hand, can quickly become blotchy as soon as you sweat.

Use primer so that makeup hält in heat

If you don’t want to do without your usual make-up, you should at least ensure that it is well prepared. Primers smooth the surface of the skin, refine the complexion and visually hide imperfections. In addition, the foundation applied afterwards no longer settles so easily in patches, adheres better even at high temperatures and remains even for longer.

Choosing foundations and creams

Foundation and BB creams can be stored in the refrigerator in summer, just like your day care. This way, they leave a pleasantly cool feeling on the skin after application.

Fix make-up so that it stays put in the heat

In summer, it’s best to use transparent powder, which looks more natural and less caked on. However, you should use it sparingly: First tap the brush on the back of your hand and sweep it over the nose, forehead and chin. Then fix the make-up with Fixing Spray so that everything stays where it should be.

Pack anti-shine companions

Blotting paper works like lös paper because it absorbs öl shine for a shine-free finish all day.

Go for waterproof mascara

Because it contains less water but more waxes than normal mascara, waterproof mascara can even withstand an after-work dip in the pool. It’s best to make sure your eyeliner, kohl and eye shadow products are waterproof and smudge-proof, too.

Prefer matte lipsticks

Matte lipsticks are not only extremely trendy at the moment, they also last much longer than the creamy sticks. The reason: unlike their creamy counterparts, matte lipsticks consist of fewer oils and waxes.