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6 Beauty products that can be used twice

There is now a suitable cosmetic product for every beauty problem. But it gets annoying when the toiletry bag is bursting at the seams while traveling, or the bathroom shelf at home is overflowing. But that doesn’t have to be the case. Many cosmetic products can be used in more than one way – this is not only a simple way to save space and money, it’s also much more sustainable than constantly shopping for something new.

Double the use of lipstick as a beauty product

As a blush: lipstick is a must for many women! But have you ever thought about the fact that the beauty product can be used twice? What provides a fresh look on the lips can also be used like a creme rouge to conjure up a healthy complexion in no time at all. To do this, simply dab a little lipstick on the cheeks and blend neatly – done! By the way, lipsticks in subtle colors and with creamy textures are best suited, as they are easiest to blend.

As eyeshadow: Reds are currently also extremely popular in terms of eye make-up, so why not use your red lipstick as a cream eyeshadow? Simply apply some of your favorite lip product to your finger, carefully dab it onto the eyelid and spread it with a brush until no hard edges are visible.

As eyeliner: Liquid Lipstick can even be used as a colored eyeliner thanks to its liquid consistency. Apply the lip color to the eye with a fine brush. However, it is better not to do this too often, because some liquid lipsticks can dry out the sensitive skin around the eye. The gentler alternative for special kohl looks: creamy lip liner.

Use mascara for a different purpose

As eyeliner: Admittedly, mascara is not quite as versatile as lipstick. But that doesn’t mean you can only use it for eyelashes. Mascara is also an excellent eyeliner substitute. Applied with a fine brush, it has the same effect as a gel eyeliner, and water-based mascara can also be blended onto the eyelid to create a smoky eye look. But again: This is not for every day, the ink often has a drying effect on the skin.

Für Augenbrauen und Ansatz: Wenn Sie Ihre Mascara dauerhaft zweckentfremden wollen, sollten Sie auf braune Tusche setzen. Die wirkt nicht nur natürlicher auf den Wimpern, sie kann auch optimal Augenbrauenprodukte ersetzen und ist so quasi Eyebrow pencil und -gel in einem. Auch helle Haaransätze können mit Wimperntusche in der passenden Farbe ganz einfach kaschiert werden.

Double use of beauty product hairspray

As an eyebrow gel: Hairspray not only keeps the main hair in shape, it can also help to define the eyebrows. To do this, simply spray some hairspray onto a toothbrush or a clean eyelash brush and then use it to brush the eyebrow hairs into shape. Hält better than most gels!

Eyebrow pencil

As a kajal: The eyebrow pencil not only looks like a kajal, it can also be used as such. However, eyebrow pencils are usually härter than the pencils fürs eye. Therefore, it makes more sense to apply the pencil to the eyelid by hand before use or to dry it briefly. This not only makes the pencil easier to apply, but also gives it a more intense color.

As a lip liner: Eyebrow pencils can also replace the lip liner in emergency situations. However, it is better to use warm and not too dark browns, so that the look is more natural. And: Please reapply!

Double the use of eye shadow as a beauty product

As eyebrow powder: Brown eye shadow is a real all-rounder. It not only creates a more subtle smoky eye look on the eyelid than the black version, but can also easily replace eyebrow powder when applied to the eyebrows with a brush.

As a bronzer/blush: Eye shadows in warm brown or red shades can also be used as blushers or bronzers. Especially when traveling, it makes more sense to pack the usually much smaller eyeshadows and leave the large bronzer jar at home. The only important thing is not to apply too much product to the cheeks. Eye shadow is usually more pigmented than blush and the like, so the rule is: less is more!

As a contour powder: Contour powder is distinguished – unlike bronzer – by cool, ashy browns and is intended to conjure up shadows on the face where there are none, thus providing more depth. The problem is that makeup products for the cheeks are usually too warm for the purpose. Eyeshadows, on the other hand, come in a much wider range of colors and are therefore often much more suitable than contour powders, and also score points for their smaller packaging.

As a highlighter: Light, shimmering eye shadows can also be used quite simply as a highlighter, in principle there is no great difference between the two powder products. The shimmer powder is applied like a normal highlighter: Simply apply to the highest points of the cheekbones, above the lip, on the tip of the nose and in the corners of the eyes and your face will shine!


As a primer: Beauty gurus swear by applying special primers to the skin before foundation. They ensure that the makeup spreads better and stays on better. But you don’t have to dig deep into your pocket for this effect, moisturizers can do it too. Simply apply directly before the foundation and the foundation can be distributed much better – and the skin is optimally cared for at the same time.