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5 tricks for fuller lips without injections

It feels like a sensual pout is just as important to celebrities as Tipp-Ex-white teeth – and thanks to fillers, it’s just as easy to achieve. Injections for voluminous lips are also becoming increasingly popular among non-celebrities. But do you really have to go directly for artificial help? After all, there are gentler tricks to visually plump up your lips.

Help your face a little with hyaluronic acid? If you scroll through Instagram, you quickly get the feeling that this has become as common as going to the hair salon. But a sensual pout can also be conjured up without an injection. And without waiting for the injected hyaluronic acid to wear off if you don’t like the results. Tikbow has compiled 5 simple tricks for fuller lips.

Lip Pump

Dieses Hilfsinstrument für Schmolllippen sieht auf den ersten Blick etwas gewöhnungsbedürftig aus, soll aber Wunder bewirken – und das ganz ohne Chemie und Schmerzen. Die Lip Pump wird auf den Mund gelegt und zwei Minuten festgedrückt, bis ein Vakuum entsteht. Das Ergebnis? Volle Lippen, wenn auch nur für kurze Zeit.

Lip mask

Just like for the face, there are also masks for the lips that contain collagen or hyaluron, for example, to care for them and at the same time visually plump them up. However, before you treat your lips to this 15-minute treatment, you should first exfoliate them. This helps the ingredients to reach the skin layers.

Use the Kylie Jenner trick

Kylie Jenner has had her lips filled with fillers, but reportedly still uses a makeup trick to add even more volume. To do this, apply a concealer to the lips as a base, outline the cupid’s bow and the middle part of the lower lip with a lip liner and then apply lipstick at least twice. The lipstick should preferably be in the same color as the lips. Dark shades visually reduce the mouth.

Peeling roller

Peeling rollers also promise a volume booster. These are used to roll over the mouth so that the active ingredients from the serum, which is then applied, can be better absorbed. Alternatively, a toothbrush can be used to remove the dead skin. Because dry lips reflect less light and thus appear narrower. The massage stimulates blood circulation, which makes the mouth look more voluminous.

Gloss conjures up fuller-looking lips in seconds

The simplest lip enhancement trick: lip gloss. Nude tones in particular enlarge narrow lips enormously. It is best to emphasize only the lip line and the center of the lower lip. The reflexes created in this way make the lips look even fuller. And go for a gloss with flavor. Mint, ginger or chili stimulate blood circulation and make lips appear plumper.

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