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3 mistakes we make with eyeshadow – and how to do it right!

Whether metallic eyeshadow or smokey eyes – a successful make-up makes our eyes shine. But if you choose the wrong color or don’t use the right makeup brush, you can quickly end up with a makeup fail. Tikbow reveals the three biggest mishaps when applying eyeshadow and gives tips on how to do it right.

Eyeshadow mistake no. 1: The wrong color

Only the right eye shadow shade makes the eyes shine and makes them look bigger. But which shade actually suits my eye color? As a general rule, complementary colors are particularly expressive and intense.

Brown eyes

Berry and plum colors look especially intense with brown eyes. And don’t be afraid of blue or green eye shadow! It won’t look cheap or tasteless, but will bring out brown doe eyes even better. Red- and yellow-tinted colors, on the other hand, quickly make brown eyes look müde and cränklich.

Green eyes

Green eyes, on the other hand, look particularly good in red, which is, after all, the complementary color of green. For the right effect, however, you don’t necessarily have to use bright red eye shadow; shades of violet and pink are just as suitable. Somewhat more discreet, but also suitable: gray or brown eyeshadow. Blue shades are better avoided.

Blue eyes

Yellow is the complementary color to blue. However, since yellow eye shadow is not everyone’s cup of tea, delicate apricot or rose shades are suitable alternatives. Beige or delicate browns also go well with everyday eye makeup. Gold is particularly elegant for a glamorous appearance.

Eyeshadow mistake no. 2: The wrong brush

This can go (literally) in the eye: The eye shadow is applied with the wrong brush or even without a brush at all. Berlin hair and make-up artist Lucia Ljubicic advises using a soft, round brush with short hair for eye shadow in powder form. Depending on the nature of the eyelid, however, different brushes may be suitable. Basically, everyone should therefore try out what works best for them. If you have a lot of eyelid, a larger brush is also suitable for blending. It is important that the eyelid is degreased or pretreated with a base beforehand so that the eyeshadow does not settle too much in the crease", says the expert.

Eyeshadow mistake no. 3: Incorrect application

To where is the eye shadow actually applied? And should it also be used on the lower eyelid? With these four simple steps, every eye make-up will be successful from now on:

Step 1

For priming, work with an eyeshadow base or concealer and powder the whole thing with a skin-colored eyeshadow to prepare the eye perfectly für the further steps. This also prevents the makeup from becoming blotchy.

2nd step

Apply a light eye shadow to the moving eyelid and shade it out properly.

Step 3

Now distribute a darker color from the äußeren eye into the crease and blend well. To give the eye more depth, the lash line can be additionally emphasized in a darker shade. For this, apply the dark eye shadow with a narrow brush close to the upper and lower lash line.

4th step

If you like, frame the eye with a kajal or draw an eyelid line. To round off the eye make-up perfectly, apply mascara.

Which eyeshadow style is in right now?

Ever heard of mono eye shadow? For the make-up only one color is used and distributed on the entire eyelid. Whether in pink, bright red or orange, monochrome eye shadows are the eye-catcher. Make-up artist Ljubicic explains what is important when applying eyeshadow: "Apply the eyeshadow to the eyelid and also under the eye at the lash line. Then blend everything so that it looks soft and no hard contours are visible." Metallic looks and bright colors can also be seen on the eyelids this season and may also be applied a little messier.