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3 make-up brushes that convince us

There are not only countless makeup products, but at least as many ways to apply them. But what is the best way? The editors reveal which 3 makeup brushes they swear by when applying makeup.

Powder Brush Premium Quality" Make-up Brush from Artdeco

Recommended by Daniela Garrasi, Editor Tikbow
To apply loose powder, I take the "Powder Brush Premium Quality" from Artdeco (about 20 euros). Its synthetic bristles are so soft that you can hardly feel them on the skin, but the makeup is still evenly distributed.

Set of 10 brushes from Demarkt

Recommended by Anna-Lena Osterburg, Editor Tikbow
I ordered the Demarkt brush set from Amazon üover three years ago and still swear by it! For just six euros you get ten different brushes in different sizes and shapes, where despite the low price also the quality is right. After years of daily use, the brushes are still fluffy, do not lose hair and fulfill their purpose. I prefer to use the large flattened brush for powder and one of the large, semi-circular brushes for highlighter. I use the smaller brushes less often, but they are great for applying eyeshadow.

Deluxe Buffer Brush M439 by Morphe

Recommended by Rita Deutschbein, Editor
I have not used liquid makeup for a long time, but have switched to mineral powder. For this I need a makeup brush with very dense but fine hair. After trying numerous kabuki brushes, all of which were too soft for me, I came across the "Deluxe Buffer Brush M439" from Morphe (approx. 19 euros). He is not only handy, he has especially great, soft and tightly bound synthetic bristles. It is actually intended for foundation, but I use it exclusively as a powder brush and achieve an even and fine application.