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Make mascara yourself with aloe vera and activated charcoal

Making cosmetic products yourself is absolutely trendy. Cosmetics are so much cheaper, more sustainable and promise a similarly good effect as commercial goods. But how can mascara be made yourself? And what effect does the DIY product have compared to purchased mascara?

Mascara is one of the most important cosmetic products worldwide. However, commercial mascara is increasingly criticized because in some cases insufficient attention is paid to the quality of the ingredients. In contrast, homemade mascara consists only of natural products and it works completely without chemicals! In addition, plastic waste can be reduced – and the wallet also thanks. So if you want an inexpensive, natural mascara for everyday use, you can make it yourself in just 30 minutes.

The advantages of homemade mascara

Why take the trouble to make mascara yourself instead of just going to the nearest drugstore? In short: The control über the substances contained and über the production is not externally determined. Vegan natural cosmetics contain neither harmful chemicals nor microplastics. Depending on the ingredients used, the self-made product can be adapted to individual needs. If, for example, coconut oil is used as a binder, this nourishes and cares for the eyelashes in a particularly long-lasting way. Aloe vera provides plenty of moisture, which is good for the hair fiber, especially in summer. Of course, homemade mascara is also much better for the environment, because instead of buying new packaging, you simply take the last mascara container and give it a new life. Since the cost of such a homemade cosmetic product is in the penny range, a DIY mascara is much cheaper than the purchased version – and with comparable quality!

Is it worth doing mascara yourself?

Although you cannot assume that a homemade mascara has visible wow effects such as a triple volume, the DIY product also gives you an expressive look and reliably emphasizes the eyelashes. Accordingly, the mascara is absolutely fit for purpose and ideal for everyday use! However, trägerinnen homemade mascara should stay away from rain showers. The natural ingredients are very water soluble. In dry weather, however, the homemade product also hält the whole day and can be easily washed off with water in the evening. Alternatively, a conventional make-up remover, a natural toner or soap can be used. 4.

Depending on the ingredients added, the homemade mascara can also last a few weeks in the bathroom cabinet. If preservatives or alcohol have been added, for example, storage is no problem at all. Otherwise, it is better to store the mascara in the refrigerator, as it can quickly deteriorate at room temperature. In general, regular Rühren of the mass – at least every two to three days – is highly recommended. This also contributes to a longer shelf life of the mascara and ensures that no particles are deposited at the bottom of the container. 6.

Make mascara yourself – Instructions

There are a few things to keep in mind to ensure that the mascara ends up being up to par. It is important to keep an eye on the mixing ratio. Here you should rely on your own judgment, because the ratio can vary greatly depending on the ingredients used.

Ingredients and materials

– Activated charcoal
Aloe vera gel
– High-proof alcohol from the pharmacy.
– Fine sieve
– teaspoons
– syringe without needle
– small bowls
– used mascara container, including Bürstchen

How to make mascara yourself

1. The moisturizing aloe vera gel can be purchased either online or at the pharmacy. Alternatively, it can also be taken from a fresh aloe vera plant, which is the cheapest and healthiest option.

2. now put the aloe vera gel in a bowl and mix it with a few drops of alcohol.

3. subsequently, the mass is pressed through a fine sieve into a new bowl, because thereby any plant residues can be removed without residue.

Now put the activated charcoal in another bowl and gradually stir in the aloe vera mixture. Be careful and mix the ingredients vigorously with the teaspoon until a creamy black mass is formed. 3.

5. subsequently, the finished mascara can be added to the previously cleaned mascara container with a simple syringe.

After a short waiting time of about 15 minutes, during which the mixture solidifies and combines, the homemade mascara can already be used. To do this, dip the eyelash curler into the mixture as usual, wipe it off at the edge of the container and carefully apply to the eyelashes. The result can be easily intensified by applying the DIY mascara twice. 5.