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Liquid Hair – we now wear our hair super smooth and shiny

What do Kim Kardashian, Winnie Harlow and Dua Lipa have in common? They all love Liquid Hair, a hairstyle trend where hair can’t look straight and shiny enough. Tikbow explains what to look for and how your mane can get the liquid look, too.

What is Liquid Hair?

Übersetzt Liquid Hair means something like liquid hair. But even if the name suggests it, the end result does not look wet, unlike the wet hair look. The goal is rather extremely healthy-looking, smooth and ultra shiny hair that reflects light like water – hence the name. In the meantime, the hairstyle has long since mutated into a trend on TikTok and Instagram, the inspiration for which was originally provided by Kim Kardashian. The 41-year-old has been wearing her hair in liquid style for years and has long since infected stars like Megan Fox, Dua Lipa and Winnie Harlow with it.

How to achieve the trend look

Liquid Hair from the pro

If you want a perfect liquid hair look à la Kim Kardashian, you have several options. Of course, like the celebrity world, you can simply reach for the appropriate perücke, alternatively, a keratin treatment also ensures the desired smooth-glossy hairstyle. The hair is permanently smoothed with a fiber protein – a treatment that should only be performed by professionals! Cost: at least 150 euros.

Liquid Hair at home

The DIY version is much cheaper. For this you need a flat iron, heat protection spray, glossing spray and hair oil. Ideally, the mane is already maintained with the right products healthy glänzend. Use moisturizing (and keratin-containing) products and make regular nourishing hair treatments! And: Dry your hair with the cold air jet. This ensures that the cuticle of the hair closes and the hair is automatically more shiny.

Then, for the Liquid Hair look, part the hair in an accurate middle parting. Spray the lengths with heat protection spray and then straighten the hair strand by strand until no unevenness is visible. Then apply a glossing spray to the mane for extra shine and work some hair oil into the tips so that the ends don’t stand out frizzy – and the silky-smooth trend look à la Kim Kardashian is complete.