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Jewelry trends 2021: These 6 pieces of jewelry are totally hot right now!

From great accessories you can just never have enough and an outfit is only properly rounded off by the matching jewelry. With the exception of handmade mask necklaces, we have all left our beautiful earrings, rings, etc. in the jewelry box for most of the past year. Slowly, however, it’s time to change this, because jewelry-wise, there are many excellent trends awaiting us in 2021 that no one can pass by. From filigree to statement pieces, fashion designers have presented a colorful mix of gorgeous styles for the upcoming season that can spice up even the plainest look. The 2021 jewelry trends are incredibly versatile, so truly every accessory lover will find a new favorite piece that suits their style!

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Now let’s be honest – when was the last time you wore makeup or dressed up? Comfortable sweatpants and casual hairstyles have become our best friends in recent months. Yet our clothes have a huge impact on how we feel and how productive we are. Not only is a pretty piece of jewelry a real head-turner, but it can give us confidence and lift our spirits. And in these difficult times, we could all use some of that, right? Finding out about the latest jewelry trends 2021 is probably the most beautiful and easiest way to achieve this.

Jewelry trends 2021: pearls remain totally fashionable

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Beautiful, elegant and incredibly delicate, pearls are a timeless classic that will never go out of style. Pearl jewelry already made a huge comeback last year, and the hype won’t stop in the coming months. But don’t be fooled – today’s pearls have nothing to do with your grandma’s stuffy necklaces and earrings. Asymmetrical, extra-long or with embellishments – pearl jewelry may now be a little more unusual. But it’s not just earrings that shine with a new image – the element of surprise for jewelry trends 2021 lies rather in the styling of layered and mismatched pearl necklaces. How to style pearl jewelry, you’re probably wondering? You can either wear it in a very classic way with business outfits and evening dresses or in a style break with jeans and sneakers – anything that pleases is allowed!

All fashionistas are now wearing mini handbags as necklaces

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Mini handbags have been a real hit for a few years now. However, the trend has taken a whole new turn for the upcoming season – handbags are now simply worn around the neck! Back in spring 2021, fashion designer Jacquemus presented a bag that was so small that the most you could put in it was a lipstick and a credit card. For this season, the French designer has further reduced the size, making it less functional and more of a highlight piece. However, he is no longer the only one who jumped on the bizarre trend bandwagon – Chanel also presented beautiful bags as necklaces this year, while Louis Vuitton transformed its classic leather bags into eye-catching necklaces.

XXL link chains are a real eye-catcher

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And another oldie but goldie! It’s safe to say that XXL link chains are not a new phenomenon in the fashion world, and the eye-catching pieces have become a staple for all accessory lovers over the years. However, when it comes to jewelry trends 2021, the motto is: the flashier and bigger the better! Chunky necklaces with a huge ring made of gold or silver were strongly present in the collections of Victoria Beckham, Givenchy and Hermès and are a real highlight. Whether combined with an elegant top or with a leather jacket, the jewelry pieces are perfectly suitable for a variety of styles and will add sparkle to any outfit. The Chunky Chains can be styled alone, as well as in combination with other filigree chains in a layering look.

Single statement earrings are among the biggest jewelry trends in 2021

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Can you still remember the days when we thought it was super cool to wear just a single earring? Then we have good news for you: single statement earrings are actually back and are among the most popular jewelry trends 2021. Fashion designers like Miu Miu, Valentino and Fendi brought the look back to life and showed us how cool and chic it actually looks. It’s best to combine a big earring with a subtle and delicate earring on the other ear. Whether silver earring with creoles, beads, feathers or rhinestones – they can really let off steam! The only important thing is that the earring matches the outfit and is beautifully eye-catching and glamorous.

Playful anklets are back

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Everything comes back eventually, at least in fashion. Anklets are another piece of jewelry from the 00s that are must-haves for this season. However, these are made of high quality materials, so they are not only suitable for the beach, but can also be worn to the office. The gold anklets by Versace and Bottega Veneta quickly became a real sensation and the new favorite piece of all fashionistas. Whether with sneakers, ballerinas or high heels – the trendy pieces can be combined with any shoe model. Shell jewelry is still one of the most sought-after jewelry trends in 2021 and the summery pendants now also adorn our ankles. If this is too playful for you, then you can go for more delicate and elegant anklets with pearls or discreet link anklets.

Mix gold and silver

Schmuck Trends 2021 Silber und Gold kombinieren

Mixing metals is not only allowed in jewelry trends 2021, but even desired! Mixing gold and silver jewelry was considered an absolute no-go for a long time! But luckily, that’s finally over and we can finally wear all our favorite jewelry pieces at the same time. More and more fashion icons are already showing us how well silver and gold pieces can harmonize with each other. The trend works best when the different metals meet only in one area. For example, this can be several rings in silver and gold or necklaces of different lengths in the trendy layering look.

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