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Jewelry for women 60+: find the best Christmas gift for your mother, wife or yourself

You can easily find tips on styles, colors, fabrics and textures that will suit your new, better body shape and help you create your own fashion look. Unfortunately, however, there are few tips to help you get the most out of your accessories, especially if you are a lady over 60. Many of the necklaces, bracelets and earrings we see on social media are designed for a younger face, chin and neck. That’s why in this article we’ve made a selection of chic jewelry for women over 60. The holidays are just around the corner. You may find just the right Christmas gift for your mom, wife, grandmother or yourself right here.

Jewelry for women over 60 – How to choose the right piece (for you)

Jewelry for women 60+ - How to choose the right piece

Whether you’re a woman 60+ looking for the right jewelry for yourself or someone who wants to please the ladies in your life with a stylish gift, here we’ve mentioned a few aspects to consider when choosing an accessory.

Brooches are a symbol of finesse and elegance

Brooches are always fashionable on older women and make a fashion statement

Brooches are always fashionable on older women and make a fashion statement without much effort. From vintage designs to modern brooches, there is a wide range of brooches to choose from. While not every brooch will fit, look for pieces that match your style, clothing, and the occasion. Choose classy colors and stylish designs and avoid kitschy, cheap-looking pieces.

Prefer longer necklaces

Longer necklaces below the collarbone look better on older women

Short necklaces like chokers tend to suit younger people, especially those in their early 20s. On older women, they can look tacky, plus they draw attention to areas like the neck or chin that you may not want to emphasize. Think of necklaces that are below your collarbone, about 50 inches and longer. In this case, the eye will be drawn down the entire length of the necklace.

That being said, there are many older women who look stunning with pearl necklaces, such as Judi Dench, Helen Mirren, or the recently deceased Queen Elizabeth II. These women show that confidence and carefully chosen accessories are appropriate for any stage of life.

Tip: If you want to make an unconventional, bold choice, a nice personalized Christmas gift would be a stylish name necklace with a length below the collarbone.

Stud earrings & unusually shaped hoop earrings are ideal for older ladies.

Smaller creoles are more suitable for older ladies

Earrings always work, regardless of your age. The right pair of earrings can add the right color and style to your look. The tip is to stay away from bright colors, cheap materials and experimental designs. Instead, opt for classic designs, fine craftsmanship and stylish colors.

Stud earrings are the safest and best type of earrings that you can wear for any occasion. They are so understated that you can wear them to church or gatherings, while they can also add a bit of glamour and style to any special occasion.

It’s best to avoid creoles that are too large, as they can make your ears look droopy. Instead, think of drop earrings, stud earrings and thicker, irregularly shaped hoop earrings or just smaller ones for the best results.

Jewelry for women 60+ – Colored Gemstones

Jewelry for women 60+ - Colored gemstones

Choose colored gemstone jewelry that highlights your best features. Do you love the color of your eyes? Why not find a gemstone in a matching hue to highlight them? There are many colored stones you can choose from. However, not every colored stone matches every skin tone. Choose the right type of gemstone that will enhance the beauty of your complexion.

For ladies 60+ with a warm skin tone: Consider earthy hues like red, yellow, pink and green. These will complement the warm undertone of your skin. As for metals, yellow and rose gold work wonderfully.

For women with a cool skin tone: Choose colors that are considered “cool,” such as blue, purple and green. For women with a cool skin tone, metals that have a whiter shimmer are best. These include silver, platinum and white gold.

For older ladies with a neutral skin tone: If you have a neutral skin tone, consider yourself lucky because most colors would suit your skin. You can also go for gray and white pieces.

Wrist watches with jeweler elements

Jewelry for women 60+ – There are jeweled wristwatches that are great for older women and are practical as well.

Gift for a special occasion – diamond jewelry for women 60+.

Gift for a special occasion - diamond jewelry for women 60+.

Diamonds are a woman’s best friend, regardless of age. That may be an advertising slogan, but there is some truth to it. Diamond jewelry is sophisticated, stylish and classy and suits every age group. They come in a variety of colors, so why limit yourself to only colorless diamonds? Consider black, gray, champagne, chocolate, yellow and green diamonds to add color and variety to your attire.

Tip: If natural colored diamonds are beyond your budget, consider their lab-created equivalents.

However, avoid large designs and flashy shapes, as they will draw attention and often don’t match your overall look and attire. We recommend sticking to classic pieces that are always on trend.

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