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Immediately pregnant again after giving birth – how dangerous is that?

How much time should there be between pregnancies when a woman has just given birth, and how risky is it? Tikbow checked with a gynecologist and learned what expectant mothers should look for when they become pregnant again right after giving birth.

A new pregnancy, which follows almost seamlessly after the previous one, is a strain on the body – confirms the Hanover gynecologist  Dr. Christian Albring on Tikbow inquiry.

Getting pregnant again right away? A risk!

It always depends on how the woman has delivered her child before – naturally or by Caesarean section –, however, the body must first recover after a pregnancy. The risk of miscarriage is very high in such a case, because the reserves in the female body, such as the corpus luteum, have not yet been completely replenished. In concrete terms, this means that the pregnant woman must undergo more intensive monitoring.

If you have previously given birth by cesarean section, the abdominal injuries may not yet have healed properly," says the expert. "Ideally, there should be at least a year between two pregnancies to allow his body to regenerate and to concentrate on the other child. At least, that is what I always advise my patients to do."

No need for a grace period for sex

However, this grace period does not apply to sex. New parents can become active again directly after giving birth. "But they should be careful", says doctor Albring. "Even if fertility is limited in the mother shortly after delivery and also decreases significantly in breastfeeding mothers, the woman can still become pregnant."


With expert advice from Dr. Christian Albring, specialist in gynecology and obstetrics in Hanover.