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I tried out nail foils for the first time – and this is what it was like

Nail foils are experiencing a real hype in the social networks. But are they really a good alternative to conventional nail polish and the nail salon? Our author did the test – with a surprising conclusion.

I must admit: My nägel are rarely perfectly manicürt. Even with "long-lasting polish", top coat and gel polishes, it is after three days at the latest around my nail tips done. This is due on the one hand to normal household chores such as washing or cooking, and on the other hand to the unpleasant habit of "nibbling" on my fingers when I am stressed or nervous. A professional manicurist could of course solve the problem, but I usually don’t have the time in my everyday life. An alternative to this should be – at least according to Instagram – nail foils. Whether that can really work? It’s worth a try.

Order nail foils – my experience

The selection of nail foils is gigantic. There is a suitable look for every taste: playful with pink gradient or flowers, classic with French tips or in red, eye-catching with patterns of all kinds and also trendy designs, such as baby boomer nails. I decide on a mixture and choose a nude look, a foil in golden marble look and one with copper tips. Because I order a starter set I still get a nail file and a nail polish remover as a gift. According to the manufacturer, the nail foils should be easy and quick to apply and above all last a very long time. With 50 euros for three sets, they are not exactly cheap compared to normal nail polish, but still significantly cheaper than a visit to the nail salon.

After just under a week, the set arrives at my place, in its own Reißverschusstasche, in which I can store all the materials. In general, the design is well thought out and very customer friendly. Instructions explain in detail what I have to pay attention to when applying the foils.

Nail foil set
The set has its price – but also seems pretty high qualityPhoto: Tikbow

Apply nail foils – just stick to the rules!

For application, the nail is cleaned and a foil is selected that fits the width of the nail. If in doubt, the foil should be slightly smaller rather than larger. After gluing, cut off the residue protruding from the top and then file it off cleanly. Both can be done without any problems. After all nail foils are glued on, a Überlack follows. Surprised I find after my first round of gluing that I have für all nägel total needed less than half an hour. I also spend a similar amount of time when I normally paint my nails, including top coat and nail hardener. But the advantage of the foils is that nothing can smear or run.

However, I quickly realize that I have perhaps also so little time needed because I was not as careful as actually required according to the instructions. An example: It is expressly pointed out not to stick the film über cuticle. In a few places, however, it happened to me. The result: Because the film does not fit perfectly, you remain in doubt between nail and film "hängen", for example, when föhnen hair. This is not only annoying, but also significantly reduces the durability of the nail foils.

How long do the nail foils last?

But apart from this carelessness, the nail foils hold really well. Depending on the foil, I am even after two weeks still satisfied with the result. Only with the foil with the copper tips shows very quickly that the color abblättert. I like the foils with the golden marble stripes the longest, but the nude nails with gradient are also very long-lasting, except for a few nails that I simply replace.

Woman with nail foils on the nails
The look of the nail foils überzeugt Photo: Tikbow

Conclusion: Would I do it again?

Basically, I was positively surprised by the nail foils. Several times I was asked by friends on the beautiful nägel and partly even asked if I was in the nail studio. The designs are certainly a matter of taste, but I think für everyone is in doubt the right look. I am also convinced of the durability.

However, the foils are no bargain, especially in comparison to nail polish. For eye-catching looks that you can hardly do yourself at home, the extra price is worth it in my opinion. For "normal" Nägel in red or nude I would rather paint. In addition, I have the feeling that the foils stress the gels in the long term. Even when I removed them gently, the nails were left with traces of residue, and they are now more brittle and brighter than before.

After the nail foil procedure my nägel are visibly takenPhoto: Tikbow

My conclusion: I would definitely use the nail foils again for special occasions. For everyday use, however, the nail polish alternative is too expensive and too expensive for me in the long run.