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How to use salt peeling correctly – dermatologist gives tips

Sea salt is wonderful to use as a body scrub – it loosens old skin flakes and stimulates circulation when rubbed in. Some people also use sea salt mixed with water as a home remedy for pimples on the face. But is salt scrub really suitable for this purpose?

First of all, anyone who wants to use salt peeling should not just go for it. As Peeling für the body is sea salt or a mixture from water and sea salt quite exciting, but for the face and still in addition for sensitive skin I am not convinced of it", explain Dermatologin Marion Moers Carpi from München to the salt peeling.

Use salt peeling correctly

Salt mixed with water can burn quite a bit if you smear it on your skin or even a pimple. And sea salt is also not suitable for every skin: If I have a somewhat coarse-pored, oily skin, where occasionally a pimple sprouts, a salt peeling or a sea salt solution is certainly not bad,” says Moers-Carpi, a member of the Professional Association of German Dermatologists. However, if one has sensitive or dry skin, the combination with salt peeling is not ideal, she said.

Basically, Moers-Carpi gives the following advice on old home remedies: "They have their justification – within the scope of their time." However, patients with skin problems should not fool around with old home remedies, but should seek professional help. "In the meantime, there are much more innovative solutions and targeted therapies in medicine that do not necessarily have to be chemical in nature", says the dermatologist.

Determination of the skin type is important

When caring for your skin, it is important to know what type of skin you are. What is my skin consistency überhaupt and how many pimples I have? "If I only have isolated pimples, I can also organize an antibiotic pen from the dermatologist", says the expert. With it one can roll ünne over the place and the inflammation goes back rather fast, in particular, if one discovers that early.


– with material from dpa