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How to properly care for eyebrows?

Well-groomed eyebrows never go out of fashion. Professionals have long recognized this and have opened special brow bars, where they are diligently plucked, combed and groomed. But you can also properly care for your eyebrows at home. Tikbow asked an expert what you should consider when it comes to styling and plucking methods.

How often should eyebrows be plucked?

Plucking is one of the basics of eyebrow care. As a rule, eyebrows should be plucked every four weeks. In the case of very thin eyebrows, we recommend a plucking break of four to eight weeks to regain the natural density, explains Amira Staehle, founder of "The Browery" (Berlin and Munich).

Plucking with thread or tweezers – which is better?

The thread method is very precise and accurate and creates perfect contours. This way, the finest fluff can be removed and the eyebrows get more definition,” says the eyebrow expert. The price for the treatment ranges from 6 to 20 euros, depending on the hairdresser and beautician. In fact, only a trained professional should carry out the treatment, at home it is better to continue to use the tweezers.

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Should you comb your eyebrows?

"To get a natural, slightly bushy look, we recommend combing the eyebrows upward", says Staehle. This also makes it easy to see where exactly the little hairs are growing back, need to be plucked or are becoming fuller again.

What are the benefits of eyebrow care products?

What has been around for ages for eyelashes, is now also popular for eyebrows. More and more beauty labels are focusing on the care of brows with special serums. To stimulate growth, the expert recommends additionally caring for the eyebrows with castor oil: "It is rich in proteins, vitamins, fatty acids and antioxidants that nourish the hair follicles and stimulate hair growth."

Eyebrows färben – what do I have to consider?

"Eyebrow tinting is ideal and I can recommend it to anyone who wants fuller, thicker and more expressive eyebrows", advises Amira Staehle. The advantage is that constant tracing with makeup is no longer necessary and smudging is also no longer a problem. She has another tip to share: “Bristly and thick eyebrows usually take on the color very quickly. It is better to approach them slowly and, if necessary, to touch them up once more;

Do not forget eyebrows when removing make-up!

Wherever make-up is applied, it must also be removed again – the eyebrows are no exception. Because: "The make-up clogs the hair follicles and prevents the nutrient supply. That’s why you should always remove makeup from your eyebrows as part of your daily care routine," advises Amira Staehle. "Brows are generally more sensitive with their fine hair follicles. Therefore, it is better to use gentle cleansing and always stroke in the direction of growth."

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