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How Queen Letizia shows solidarity with Ukraine with this blouse

This reach into the closet was certainly not accidental: the Spanish Queen Letizia showed up at an appearance in Madrid now in a blouse with typical Ukrainian embroidery.

Queen Letizia expressed her solidarity with Ukraine in a very special way – and that was with her outfit. At an event in Madrid, the wife of King Felipe VI wore a blouse with typical Ukrainian embroidery. The Königshaus gave no communication on this, but many media highlighted the action of the "Reina" on Friday. Letizia wanted to signal her support to the Ukrainians and draw attention to the suffering of those affected by the war, wrote the digital newspaper Vanitatis.

King Felipe condemns Russian attack

Letizia has not yet commented on the conflict, but King Felipe on Sunday evening at the opening dinner of the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona condemned the Russian attack as unacceptable aggression and warned that the attack was a threat to Europe and the world order. "We are saddened and outraged", he stressed.

In general, it is not üblich that the king and queen their opinion on political issues öffentlich äußern – "neither national nor international", as the renowned Spanish newspaper "El Mundo" pointed out on Friday.

Strong words also from the British royals

The British royal family has also already spoken out against the war. Thus, during a visit to the English coastal town of Southend-on-Sea, heir to the throne Charles said that in Ukraine democratic values were being attacked "in the most ruthless way". "We stand in solidarity with all those who oppose the brutal aggression", the 73-year-old continued. His son Prince William and Duchess Kate had already expressed their solidarity with Ukraine a few days ago.

Remarkable statements in view of the fact that even the British royals don t usually comment on political issues, nor do they vote.

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The war in Ukraine is causing terrible suffering, especially affecting the smallest and most defenseless members of society: children. You want to donate? Here you can find information.