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How does face cupping work at home and what does it do?

Face Cupping is supposed to provide beautiful, clear and glowing skin in no time. Celebrities like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Irina Shayk have long been cupping their faces for the perfect glow. What can the treatment really do? And how can it be performed at home? We’ll tell you.

What is face cupping üanyway?

Face cupping is an alternative beauty treatment designed to shape and plump up the face using miniature suction cups. The scrub routine is designed to relax and tone facial muscles and promote blood circulation. And for whom is the beauty treatment suitable? Face Cupping is suitable for anyone who wants plumper, lifted, contoured and firmer skin,” explains dermatologist Dr. Timm Golücke from Munich in response to a Tikbow inquiry.

How does Face Cupping work?

In the face-cupping treatment is promised a whole range of positive effects für the skin. The treatment is carried out with so-called "Cups" – so special cups made of plastic – which are pressed on certain areas of the face and thereby create a gentle suction. This automatically increases blood flow to the skin and surrounding tissues. This promotes the formation of new blood vessels, which has a positive effect on the health of the skin. This suction of the skin surface also initiates a natural healing process that stimulates skin cell renewal and the production of collagen.

The result? The skin feels plumper and is overall healthier and more radiant! But the complexion is not only visually fresher, because the treatment works into the deeper layers of the skin, which leads to the fact that fine lines, wrinkles and scars are minimized. By the way, this also works on the jawline, neck and décolleté!

What do I need for Face Cupping at home?

It doesn’t take much to carry out the treatment yourself at home. There are now several suppliers who offer professional cupping kits for home use. These kits often contain several cups, for example specifically for larger and smaller areas of the face. To make the treatment even more effective, the facial skin can then be dabbed with a cotton pad soaked in toner or serum. Important: The treatment should not be performed more than once a week.

Face scrub – Instructions

1. choose the right moment

Face cupping is good for the skin in the long term, but in the short term it can cause irritation and irritation. These usually pose no risk and subside after a few hours. Therefore, it is advisable to carry out the treatment in the evening, so that the skin can recover until the next morning and any irritations have disappeared again.

2. make preparations

First, the face should be thoroughly cleaned with lukewarm water. Then gently pat the skin dry and lightly massage the face with your hands to prepare the muscles for the treatment. If you wish, you can rub the face with a nourishing oil to reduce the risk of irritation or bruising.

3. carry out the treatment

Now the Face Cups are used. It is better to start the treatment carefully and with less pressure. Ideally, you start with a smaller cup in the mouth region and on the chin. There, it is lightly pressed onto the skin and held for a short time. In this way, you work your way step by step through the entire face. If necessary, the small cup is simply replaced by a larger one.

4. take care of the skin

Once the face has been fully treated with the cups, carefully remove any residue with warm water. Since the scrubbing process greatly increases the skin’s ability to absorb skin care products, now is exactly the right time for the evening beauty routine. Whether toner, mask or rich moisturizer, the ingredients are now virtually absorbed into the skin and provide additional glow the next morning!

5. be careful!

Although face cupping is generally considered safe, minor side effects such as irritation or bruising are possible. In the case of sensitive skin types, capillary fractures may occur during home application, explains dermatologist Dr. Golücke. Therefore, it is recommended to consult an expert before the first treatment at home or to have the treatment performed directly by a professional. If you decide to have the treatment in your own bathroom, you should always start carefully and with very little pressure, so that the skin can get used to the treatment. Dr. Golücke also warns that Face Cupping should not be used on acne or sunburn. It is also not recommended during pregnancy or for people with blood clotting disorders or taking blood thinning medications.

The experts’ conclusion on Face Cupping: It makes sense!

"Used properly, Face Cupping can be quite beneficial because the oxygenated blood circulation, strengthens connective tissue and stimulates collagen production", explains dermatologist Dr. Golücke. All of this can lead to more radiant skin, a reduction in the appearance of scars and fine lines, as well as a reduction in puffiness and improved tone.

However, the expert also points out that the results of the treatment alone are not necessarily long-term: "You see the result immediately, however, it does not last – a few hours to a day. At least as far as the tightening and lifting effect is concerned. However, if you combine this treatment with a healthy diet and proper care, you will see long-term results over time;


– with expert advice from Dr. Timm Golücke, dermatologist from München