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Heidi’s GNTM best-ager models conquer the runway

On TV, Heidi’s candidates are still enjoying the sun in Los Angeles, but in reality some of them have already arrived in model life. On the runways of the Fashion Week in Berlin, among all the catwalk professionals, we actually spotted the two remaining best-ager models from the current season – even though the castings for the jobs have not yet been seen on TV!

Fashion Week in Berlin is in full swing. With it are not only "Germany’s next Topmodel"-candidates in the audience, but also on the catwalk. We are talking about the two GNTM best-ager models, 66-year-old Lieselotte and 50-year-old Martina, who are still competing for the title on TV – but who also both managed to secure runway jobs at Berlin Fashion Week.

GNTM Lieselotte models with Marcel Ostertag

GNTM Lieselotte
The fact that Lieselotte only has a little modeling experience was not apparent in the Marcel Ostertag show.Photo: Getty Images; Collage: Tikbow

So Lieselotte presented two looks at the show of Marcel Ostertag at the Kraftwerk Berlin, walked once in sequin pants, khaki blouse and short coat über the catwalk and once in bright yellow coat and cognac boots. A pretty skillful appearance for the 66-year-old, who is usually criticized by model mom Heidi for her walk.

Martina snags Kilian Kerner job

GNTM-Martina überzeugte in the show of Kilian KernerPhoto: Getty Images; Collage: Tikbow

The 50-year-old Martina made it into designer Kilian Kerner’s show and confidently presented a glitter suit and a transparent wale dress with sparkling trim. Quite the pro!

In fact, the auditions for the two model jobs on "Germany’s next Topmodel" have not yet been seen, as the episodes were produced months ago. However, experience has shown that those who are well received by the customers also have the best chances of winning the title. So the signs are good for Martina and Lieselotte.