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Hair off! Crass makeover for GNTM contestant Inka

Actually, Heidi’s GNTM contestants already went to the hair last week, but this year there was a restyling straggler: Inka, who was in quarantine instead of in the hairdresser’s chair in episode six, surprisingly got a whole new look before her sedcard shoot. The long hair – a thing of the past!

While most of the contestants would have been happy to escape Heidi’s makeover, Inka was initially anything but happy about the missed opportunity: she would have liked a change, said the 19-year-old GNTM contestant in a conversation with one of her fellow contestants. But when Heidi intercepted her before her sedcard shoot to make up for the missed action, her enthusiasm was rather limited: "I want you to stand out a little from the crowd", so the pretty clear announcement of the model mom. Finally, the Mainz-based model had to let go of a lot of her hair, her chest-length wallemähne gave way to a short mullet with a blond front.

What GNTM-Inka thinks of her short hair

Definitely one of the most blatant makeovers of this season! Inka, who had wished for an extreme transformation in the run-up, was only moderately enthusiastic after the first look at the shooting pictures with a new hairstyle: "It’s a very strange feeling, I somehow have no hair on my head anymore." In the meantime, the 19-year-old seems to have come to terms with her new look and has already posted a number of photos with the new style on her Instagram account.

Her more than 33 thousand followers like’s, the comments column is full of compliments and comparisons with actress Shailene Woodley, who in the past relied on a very äsimilar hairstyle. And also in the show Inka made it to the next round with her short hair. So things are going well for the 19-year-old – with and without long hair.