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Women’s hairstyles from 50 that make younger: These half-length haircuts will be trendy in 2023!

Even in old age, you want to look fresh. Not only the right skin care and make-up can work wonders. A suitable haircut can also effectively complete the look. Which women’s hairstyles from 50 make us look younger and will be particularly trendy next year, we reveal to you in the article. We will concentrate only on haircuts for medium-length hair.

Medium-length women’s hairstyles from 50 that have a rejuvenating effect

Ladies hairstyles from 50 Curtain Bangs styling

For a hairstyle to have a rejuvenating effect, the first thing it should do is:

  • fit the shape of the face and accentuate the facial features.
  • make the face look slimmer.
  • conceal problem areas that only become particularly visible after 50. Such are, for example, the cheeks or forehead wrinkles.
  • Conjure up more fullness at the hairline.
  • can be styled quickly.

The right hair color also plays a decisive role. Highlights and highlights look particularly good in combination with step cuts and give the hairstyle depth. Hair colors that look natural also make you look younger.

Half-length haircuts for 2023: The French Cut

Bangs with waves layered cuts from 50 that make you younger

Casual and charming at the same time, the French Cut is one of the most popular hairstyles for 2022. The trendy haircut gives hair fullness and dimension. French fashion icons like Brigitte Bardot have inspired the look. The styling is very simple: the shoulder-length hair is slightly stepped and light waves are formed. A fringe that reaches up to the eyebrows conceals one or two wrinkles on the forehead and emphasizes the eyes.

Women hairstyles for gray hair from 50

By the way, the French Cut is super suitable for women who want to let their gray hair grow out. The disheveled women’s hairstyle with subtle steps can perfectly conceal the transition.

Trendy hairstyle for medium length hair : The Curtain Cut

Hairstyles for women from 50 medium length hair graduated

After the bob has crept into the hearts of women from all over the world, now its elegant version – the curtain cut – is gaining popularity. Here, the hair is cut shoulder-length. No steps are used, the goal being to better show off the straight hair.

Straight hair is super easy to style: the tips can be turned inward while blow-drying with a round brush. A side parting conjures up more volume at the hairline. The hair gently hugs the face and makes it look longer and narrower.

The blunt lob is one of the most popular haircuts in 2022
Bob hairstyles for medium length hair from 50

Another trend that will be totally “in” next year. The blunt bob is a medium-length haircut, where the tips end on a line. In the back, the hair is shorter by a few millimeters, while in the front the highlights are slightly longer and gently hug the face. The hairstyle is perfect for women with thin hair, because it conjures up more fullness.

Lob with waves brings a touch of Hollywood glamour

Bob hairstyles for medium length hair from 50 with waves

The shoulder-length lob with waves brings a touch of glamour to the hairstyle. A side parting and curls starting from about the cheekbones add volume and dimension to the hairstyle.

Women’s hairstyles from 50: Curtain Bangs with a difference

Hairstyles for medium length straight hair from 50 with Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs were forgotten for a long time. Unfair, we think, because they actually flatter the face and make it look narrower. Next year, however, they will once again be in the spotlight, because the medium-length hairstyles with curtain bangs are experiencing a real comeback.

Wolf Cut with Bangs

Women's hairstyles from 50 younger make bangs fringed layered cut

A wolf cut can make the wide face look visually narrower. Together with a fringe that conceals the high forehead and gives the face a better look, the Wolf Cut looks particularly charming and can cheat away a few years.

The classic lob for gray hair

Ladies hairstyles from 50 long bob style for gray hair

The classic lob – that is, the shoulder-length bob (with and without bangs) will continue to be one of the most popular hairstyles from 50 next year. The lob lends itself to women with gray hair, because it better accentuates the mane,

Women’s hairstyles from 50: Fringed layered cuts

Volume cut for medium length hair from 50

Fringed step cuts are totally in trend. Next year, however, it is no longer about the length, but about the steps. These are subtly incorporated into the hair and are shown off better thanks to highlights. The end result is a haircut that is suitable for everyday use, natural and flatters the shape of the face. The fringed tips give the hairstyles a cool look. But don’t be fooled: the medium-length fringed hairstyles can be styled any way you like. Even updos are quite feasible. Fringed haircuts simply include curtain bangs. They frame the face and can subtly conceal the cheekbones.

If you should choose a hairstyle from 50, then this is the bob. The haircut has different versions, so everyone can find the most suitable. Get inspired before our suggestions for hairstyles for medium length hair and you will surely find the right thing.