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Wolf Cut hairstyle: What exactly is the new hair trend all about?

Fortunately, if you want to change your hairstyle this year and fancy a drastic change, you don’t have to look far. Hair trends for 2021 are more versatile and interesting than ever and have something for every taste and hair texture. We have to admit, the COVID-19 pandemic has us all trying things we’ve never done before. Now let’s be honest – how many of you have cut your own hair in the last few months just because your hairdresser was closed? Well therefore we are not surprised that hairstyles for this season are moving more and more towards natural. After the mullet hairstyle recently conquered our hearts, a new hairstyle trend is currently attracting all eyes and gaining popularity on social media. Ultra casual, bold and yet super chic – the Wolf Cut hairstyle is on everyone’s lips and is advancing to the coolest haircut for the summer due to its wild look! Find out here what exactly is behind it and let our picture gallery inspire you for your next visit to the hairdresser!

What exactly is the Wolf Cut hairstyle?

Frisurentrends 2021 Damen Wolf Cut Frisur Bilder

TikTok has become the ultimate place for the latest trends in recent months and is also responsible for all the hype surrounding the Wolf Cut hairstyle. After numerous influencers showed how to style the trendy haircut, searches for ideas for the Wolf Cut hairstyle on Pinterest increased by a whole 89 percent for the last month. The hairstyle trend is actually a cool and modern mix of two other very bold and controversial haircuts that are currently enjoying great popularity. We are of course talking about the classic shag from the 70s and the mullet hairstyle. Shaggy, wild and heavily layered – the Wolf Cut is one of those effortlessly chic haircuts that look like we just rolled out of bed. But it’s exactly in this “undone” look that the appeal of the hairstyle lies.

Mullet Hair Trend Wolf Cut Frisur Bilder

Take the shorter front strands of the mullet and the unstructured effect of the shag cut and there you have it – the ultimate wolf cut hairstyle! The trendy haircut is characterized by the bold steps and is generally worn voluminous towards the top, while the lengths taper off a bit thinner towards the bottom. The wavy step cut gives the hair a wild and bold touch – hence the name “Wolf Cut”. The entire hairstyle exudes an edgy yet chic vibe and is therefore best suited for those who are not afraid of big changes and like to experiment with their hair. Light curtain bangs or a full fringe perfectly frame the face and are a great way to completely round out the wild look. And if you want to go light on the trend, you can forgo the super short tiers and opt for a soft transition instead. This will make the hairstyle look a bit more restrained, but still provide plenty of volume to your hair.

Who can wear the haircut?

Pony-Frisuren für kurzes Haar Wolf Cut Frisur Trend 2021

And now for the good news! The Wolf Cut hairstyle can be styled in a very versatile way and can therefore be worn perfectly by everyone. No matter if you have short, medium or long hair – there is a haircut for you too. In addition, the hair trend works with any hair type and always provides a lot of movement and structure. Especially those of you who tend to have flat and fine hair are in good hands with the Wolf Cut hairstyle. The layered haircut conjures up volume in the hair in no time and makes it look fuller and livelier. The hairstyle also looks really stunning on women with curls. So, the trendy look is perfect for those who are ready to change their look and want to give their mane more character and movement.

This is how the Wolf Cut hairstyle can be styled!

Wolf Cut Frisur mit Pony Frisurentrends 2021

One of the biggest advantages of the Wolf Cut hairstyle is that you can completely avoid blow-drying while styling and instead let your hair air-dry. However, although the wild and messy look is an absolute must for the Wolf Cut hairstyle, the haircut still needs some styling. For example, if you have very straight hair, you need to style it with curling iron every now and then, because this is the only way to really show off the cool steps. In order for the strands to lie properly with curls, you need to lightly shape your mane a little with a texture or hairspray. The only important thing is that the wolf cut always looks natural and playful. However, casual does not mean unkempt and a beautiful hairstyle is simply essential for a modern and chic look.

Wolf Cut Hairstyle: The most beautiful looks to re-style

Wolf Cut Frisur Bilder Frisurentrends 2021

The trendy haircut first took off in Korea, but is now also very popular with us

was ist Wolf Cut Frisur Haartrends 2021

The feral look is an absolute must for the perfect wolf cut hairstyle

Wolf Cut Frisur Bilder Haarschnitte für lockiges Haar

Bangs emphasize your facial features and give the hairstyle an even cooler touch

Shag Frisur mit Pony was ist Wolf Cut Haartrend

Or how about going all out and dyeing your hair green?

Haare grün färben Wolf Cut Frisur

Even for women with curly hair, the Wolf Cut hairstyle works just perfectly

Haarschnitte für lockige Haare Wolf Cut Frisur Haartrend

The trendy haircut is perfect to give your short hairstyle a refreshing touch

Wolf Cut Frisur Bilder kurze Haare mit Pony stylen

Wolf cut hairstyle with bangs for a bold yet super chic look

Wolf Cut Frisur kurz Muller Hair Trend 2021

The curly version exudes a special lightness

Wolf Cut Frisur Trend Two Tone Hair Bilder

The Wolf Cut hairstyle works on all hair lengths and is the ultimate low-maintenance hair trend for the summer

Wolf Cut Frisur kurz Frisurentrends 2021