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Wispy Bangs is the perfect fringe hairstyle that everyone is going crazy for! This is how cool the trend hairstyle looks in 2022!

Hair frosting, bob for gray hair, exciting short hairstyles, etc. – 2022 is without a doubt the year of endless hairstyle trends, ranging from cool haircuts to bold hair colors. Timeless and chic as the fringe is, it is also making a big comeback for this season and it is impossible to imagine our heads without it. But we’re not surprised, because after all, bangs can turn any haircut into a completely new and modern look in the blink of an eye. Have you also been a little bored with your hairstyle lately and would like to freshen it up without having to take a big step to do so? Then wispy bangs as a trend hairstyle 2022 are exactly what you need! As proof, we’ve compiled plenty of inspiration for your next visit to the hairdresser. So read on and find your next favorite look!

Wispy Bangs: what makes the trend hairstyle 2022?

Wispy bangs for long hair cut bangs yourself tips.

Now between us – how many times have you stood in front of the mirror wondering if a fringe hairstyle would suit you? One day it stands flawlessly and the next our hair is a total mess – a fringe is a real love-hate relationship, we know. But that’s finally over now, because wispy bangs are THE trend hairstyle of the hour. Wispy means in German something like "thinned out, fine" and that actually explains pretty much everything. This hairstyle trend is a soft, feathery and slightly fanned-out fringe that reminds us a little of the currently popular curtain bangs.

Wispy bangs trend hairstyle 2022 which bangs for thin hair

Wispy bangs are chic, elegant and frame the face in a unique way. However, the hairstyle is not entirely new and the look was inspired by the retro style icons from the 60s like Brigitte Bardot. Delightfully vibrant, casual yet super feminine – with Wispy Bangs, the hair usually stays a little longer than the classic fringe and is slightly stepped to the sides.

Who can wear the fringe hairstyle?

Wispy Bangs trend hairstyle 2022 bob with bangs pictures

We have finally found it – the perfect hairstyle that looks wonderful on absolutely every woman. Whether long hair, bob or pixie cut – the soft and airy bangs perfectly complement any haircut and immediately provide a super refreshing and exciting touch. Due to the slightly longer highlights and the frayed look, Wispy Bangs are the ideal compromise for all fashion girls who are unsure whether a fringe hairstyle would suit them.

Pony hairstyles for thin hair Wispy Bangs Trend Hairstyle 2022

No matter whether for long, short, thick or as a fringe hairstyle for fine and thin hair – Wispy Bangs are a real multi-talent and instantly transform our mane into a real eye-catcher. Even for women with round faces, the trend hairstyle can work wonders. The parted and frayed strands, which run playfully out to the sides, make the face appear visually narrower and longer.

How are Wispy Bangs styled?

Wispy bangs hairstyle bangs hairstyles for thin and fine hair.

No wonder wispy bangs have taken the fashion world by storm. The feathery fringe not only looks perfect on all women, but is also super easy to care for. But in order for the hairstyle to really come into its own, you should make sure that your hair is not greasy. So ideally, do not use hair oils or treatments for the fringe hairstyle. To give your mane a visually voluminous and fuller look, it’s best to blow-dry the wispy bangs slightly to the side with a round brush. On the other hand, if you like it a little more elegant, you can quickly shape your bangs with a comb and straightening iron.

This is how easy you can cut the bangs yourself

Wispy bangs cut yourself tips which bangs for thin fine hair.

Are you longing for a little hairstyle update, but unfortunately you don’t have time for a visit to the hairdresser? No problem! Fortunately, wispy bangs are very easy and super quick to cut yourself. And this is how you get the trendy look:

Materials needed:

  • Sharp hairdressing scissors
  • Comb
  • Hair ties

Updo hairstyles with bangs wispy bangs hairstyle trend 2022

Cut your own wispy bangs:

  • To avoid split ends and hair breakage, always use professional hairdressing scissors.
  • To give the bangs the necessary structure, you should first blow dry your hair and even straighten it with a straightening iron if necessary.
  • Then comb the hair well, make a middle parting and section it off to the left and right.
  • Tie the remaining hair into a low ponytail.
  • Pull the sectioned hair down and think about how long the wispy bangs should be.

Wispy bangs hairstyle 2022 updos for thin hair

  • Take a thin section of hair in the middle of the pony between your index and middle fingers, point the scissors downwards and cut off the ends of the hair below the fingers.
  • When cutting, make sure that you keep the hair rather loose and not too strong, and it is best to proceed slowly and gently.
  • Repeat the above steps with the remaining strands, keeping the Wispy Bangs shorter in the middle and longer on the sides.
  • Finally, style it as you like and your cool fringe hairstyle is ready!

Wispy bangs: this is how chic the fringe hairstyle looks!

Bangs for long thin hair Wispy Bangs Trend Hairstyle 2022

The fringe hairstyle feels wonderfully light

Bangs trends 2022 Wispy Bangs cut yourself tips

Wispy Bangs looks perfect on absolutely all women

Bangs hairstyles fine hair pictures wispy bangs hairstyle trend 2022

The airy bangs can also be super combined with a cheeky bob

Short bob with bangs wispy bangs for short hair

The perfect fringe hairstyle for thin hair

Wispy bangs trend hairstyle 2022 short hairstyles with bangs for thin hair

Updos with bangs for a casual yet elegant look

Wispy bangs trend hairstyle 2022 updos with bangs pictures