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Why does the hair dryer actually have a cold setting?

In order for the hairstyle to fit and create volume, it is natural to reach for the hairdryer after washing the hair. However, the result is less beautiful: dried out, dull and brittle hair. Why the cold setting plays a crucial role here – an expert provides answers.

Föhnhitze dries out the hair

Have you ever wondered what the cold button on your hair is for? While most people ignore it, hair professionals swear by it. Because: The perfect hairstyling technique cannot do without the cold air on the hair dryer. "Hair is like wax: warm you can shape it, cold they keep the shape", explains hairdresser Patrick Ahrensdorf. And he underlines the assumption that hot air is beneficial for the hair structure. It becomes porous, lacks shine and becomes coarse. That is why he recommends pre-drying the hair and then continuing at a medium temperature. However, there is no generally valid rule in this context. "It always depends on the hair thickness and the condition of the hair – healthy or already porös – which temperature should be set", says Ahrensdorf.

The trick with the cold button on the hairdryer

Professionals work consistently with the cold air, because this closes;t the structure. The warm air makes the hair rougher and more sensitive. The cold air ensures that the cuticle is laid down again, the hair becomes smooth and the desired shape is achieved,” says Ahrensdorf. The professional knows: The hair is shaped with warm or hot air, and finally styled with cold air.

His special tip: To finish styling, always blow dry in the direction of growth with the cold air. This prevents split ends, frizz and an unhealthy hair look. By the way, it is worth investing in a good hair dryer. A weak air jet only leads to exposing the hair to heat forever: 1,600 watts of power and more blows the hair dry in no time at all. Two to three heat and blower settings do no harm.