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Who does a layered cut look good on and how to style it?

One head, one hair length? That has long been passé. Today we wear again at least one, but gladly several steps in the hair. Tikbow explains what you need to know about the layered cut and how it is best styled.

Where did the haircut come from?

Does this cut also remind you of a style icon of the 90s? Clearly, "The Rachel” or the "Rachel-Cut” is back and thus the trend hairstyle in terms of step cut par excellence. It was worn by Jennifer Aniston alias Rachel Green in the early days of the cult series Friends and promptly became a worldwide model for hairstyles. Now the layered cut – celebrates its comeback in time for the "Friends"reunion announcement – and is cut more versatile than ever. Extreme variations such as the shag cut or the mullet 2.0. are also included!

Jennifer Aniston as Rachel Green with her layered cut in the cult series "Friends” triggered a real hairstyle hype.Photo: Getty Images

How exactly does the step cut work?

The Rachel is another extreme example of a layered cut, because the hair is trimmed into several layers. The main hair is cut to a basic length, the outer hair is shortened. Through the different steps, the whole hair visually gains volume and at the same time flatters the face. However, it does not necessarily have to be so strong and numerous steps. Even one step makes a hairstyle a layered cut, as long as it is in the lengths.

Who does the layered cut suit?

Die Frisur steht wirklich jeder Frau. Schon allein deshalb, weil es so viele Varianten gibt. Um den richtigen Stufenschnitt passend zum eigenen Typ zu finden, macht es Sinn sich an Haarstruktur, -länge und Face shape zu orientieren.

Face shape

Wer ein schmales Gesicht hat, kann sich dieses mit zarten Stufen im Gesichtsbereich breiter schummeln. Wer ein eher rundliches Gesicht hat, nimmt Fülle, indem die Haare gut durchgestuft werden, da das verstärkte Volumen ausgleichend wirkt. Kantige Face shapeen erscheinen sowohl mit sanften wie auch mit starken Stufen weicher. Frauen mit herzförmigem Gesicht können den Haarschnitt mit jeder Art von Stufen tragen.

Hair texture and length.

Smoothe, dünne Haare

Straight, thin hair gets more volume through steps and appears fuller overall. With straight hair, however, you should not go to extremes, as the contrast between the fringy top of the head and the fringy tips can otherwise look too extreme. For women with very thin hair, a short or medium-length layered cut, such as a bob, is particularly suitable. Here, the hair can be neatly graduated, whereby the steps should not deviate too much from the basic length.

Long, thick hair

Long and thick hair is loosened up by steps, the cut brings shape to the mane. If you have very long hair, you can easily loosen up your haircut using steps. A nice example is the hip boho cut.


Curls bekommen durch Stufen mehr Sprungkraft. Das gilt sowohl für kurze als auch für längere Haare. Hier gilt die Regel: Je kürzer die Curls, umso mehr springen sie.

What is the best way to style a layered cut?


The out-of-bed or undone look works great with steps. Just let it air dry, tousle it with your hands, and the style is done. If you want a little more shape or volume, you can add a small amount of salt spray to your hair to enhance the undone wave effect.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley with a layered cut
Model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley wears the layered cut in the trendy undone look.Photo: Getty Images


The step cut also works wonderfully straight. But if you don’t have naturally straight hair, you can help it out with a round brush, hair dryer or straightening iron. Here, double caution is advised: On the one hand, the tips should definitely be caught, otherwise they will stick out fringily and this will ruin any step cut, no matter how nice it is. Secondly, you should be careful that the glätten does not become too intense, because that harms the hair – and that quickly becomes visible with this cut.

In laid waves

Fashion blogger and influencer Emili Sindlev proves how beautifully a layered cut can be combined with elegant waves. In layered waves, the layered cut looks even more voluminous. The look is particularly beautiful when styled with long hair.

How do I care for the layered cut?

Due to the thinned out tips, they are very susceptible to split ends. Anyway, you should always use heat protection when blow-drying and straightening. The tips should also be treated with tip fluid or hair oil, and the entire hair can tolerate regular treatments. Recutting is also virtually obligatory with a layered cut, if you want to avoid frayed and unkempt-looking tips.

Cut your own layered cut

Of course, you can also try it yourself with scissors and try the haircut. However, hairdressers strongly advise against it, because it will be difficult to cut the steps accurately, especially at the back of the head. It is not for nothing that hairdressers spend several weeks in training learning how this haircut works. Women with bangs who want a little change, can try a few light steps around the bangs. But here, too, caution is advised: The symmetry should be correct in any case, otherwise the face also looks displaced. To do this, wet the hair around the face and smooth it with a comb. Then cut from the top with open scissors in a slight downward arc.