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Who actually looks good with a center parting?

The center parting is the ideal hairstyle for all those who want to spend little time on styling – quickly done, cool effect, extremely trendy! But who does the hairstyle actually suit and how is it styled correctly? Tikbow checks out the hair classic.

The center parting is in, the side parting out – that’s the conclusion of the TikTok community. Some time ago, a real hairstyle discussion broke out there, dividing the network into two camps: Generation Z, which declared the center parting to be the hairstyle of the hour, and the millennials, for whom the side parting was considered a loyal companion until the end. The controversy was triggered by a user who claimed that no one really looked better with a side parting than with a middle parting. But what is the truth behind the new center parting hype? Can anyone really wear the hair classic and how do you actually style the hairstyle?

Who does the center parting suit?

The simple trend hairstyle flatters especially heart-shaped and very symmetrical faces. Because the hair falls evenly on both sides with the parting, it surrounds the face and puts the focus on high cheekbones. Round and angular faces are also suitable for the trend hairstyle, but with restrictions: The center parting can make a round face look flatter than it actually is.

Women with oval, slender and very narrow faces should better stay away from the hairstyle. The middle parting makes the face look even more länger and narrower. A variant that can work with any face shape is the slightly offset and not exactly straight parting. This can be used to compensate for asymmetries, for example.

Also, if you are blessed with a lot of wild curls, it’s better to keep your hands off the center parting. The exception, however, are braided hairstyles or hairstyles tied into a braid – in which the straight parting works wonderfully even with curly hair.

Middle parting sleep
Bella Hadid shows on the runway how beautiful a center parting can look in a sleek look.Photo: Getty Images

How do you style the center parting?

Sleek style

Straight hair is perfect for the trendy parting, regardless of whether it is natural and straight or has been straightened with a straightening iron. It can be drawn accurately with a comb in the middle of the head or placed rather loosely with the fingers in the middle of the head.

Undone look

Beim Undone look zieht man den Scheitel in der Mitte des Kopfes. Dabei kommt es nur darauf an, dass der Scheitel irgendwie mittig sitzt – akkurat muss das Ganze nicht sein. Am besten zieht man den Scheitel für den Undone look einfach mit den Fingern.

Middle parting Undine
This model wears the middle parting undone – the focus is entirely on the sunglasses, not on the hair.Photo: Getty Images

With casual waves

Slight waves, which evenly flow around the face on the left and right, form a beautiful counterbalance to the rather strict-looking center parting. Glamorous waves are best combined with an exact parting, beach waves with the loose undone version.

Gigi Hadid center parting
Gigi Hadid with center parting and casual beach wavesPhoto: Getty Images

With a low chignon or ponytail

No desire for hair that permanently falls into the face? The center parting in combination with a deep chignon or ponytail is not only practical, but also looks particularly classy. Hair accessories like statement hair clips complete the look.

Leonie Hanne center parting
Leonie Hanne wears the parting with a deep chignon.Photo: Getty Images

How do you care for the center parting?

A grown-out or gray roots can be easily concealed with a side parting, but an accurately drawn center line unfortunately forgives nothing. If you are prone to dandruff, it is better to stay away from the center parting. Oily patches, on the other hand, can easily be concealed with dry shampoo.