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Which hairstyles from 60 with glasses flatter ladies especially & make younger? We show you!

As if age did not already have enough influence on the right choice of hairstyle for women, at some point, for many, the glasses also come into play. And these, as we all know, also greatly change the appearance. If before we had to take into account only the age and the shape of the face, now also comes a frame of glasses, according to which we should act when looking for suitable haircuts for women. Today we give you some tips on which hairstyles from 60 with glasses can be combined best. Which hairstyle best flatters which type?

Hairstyles from 60 with glasses – What lengths and cuts are optimal?

Bob hairstyles for women over 60 with glasses

Lob with side parting and A-line with straight bangs

Among the trendiest hairstyles for 2022 continues to be the beautiful bob hairstyle. But is it also well suited in old age and especially if you wear glasses? Which length is most suitable? Particularly flattering looks a Stepped bob with angled bangs, which also wonderfully hides the wrinkles on the forehead. Do your glasses have a so-called cat shape? All the better! Because the Bob with bangs and glasses looks simply stunning! 

Short or classic bob looks rejuvenating and suits every woman at any age

But even without bangs styling works perfectly. Every lady strives for hairstyles from 60 that make younger, even with glasses or despite them, and the classic bob, preferably medium length or short, manages to do just that! The short version looks especially good in combination with cat-shaped glasses. In addition, this timeless classic with the right cut fits any face shape. Thus, bob hairstyles from 60 with glasses are simply the perfect choice! Do you want to dye your hair? Reach for walnut or blonde!

Hairstyles from 60 with glasses - The bob suits every woman, whether straight or curly

Rectangular glasses combine wonderfully with a lob (long bob). Longer hair also has a rejuvenating effect that you will notice immediately with the lob – and even with gray hair (which, of course, does not mean that you can not dye).

Wavy long bob with side parting to a brown glasses frame

Bobs in all lengths are the trend hairstyles par excellence

The right bob length depends on the face shape and glasses frame

Straight bob in silver for a dark glasses frame

Short bob hairstyle for gray hair - Combine straight hair with eye-catching glasses

Tiered lob

Diane Keaton wears a shoulder-length bob with her dark glasses frame

Straight bob with bangs

Bob hairstyles from 60 with glasses - Classic length with straight bangs for a more simple frame.

Snappy short hairstyles from 60 with glasses – The peppy Pixie Cut.

Hairstyles from 60 with glasses - Short, half-length or long for what shape glasses.

If you are interested in hairstyle trends, you have certainly come across the Pixie Cut on many occasions. It is popular among young and old. For all those who are looking for upbeat hairstyles for women over 60, which also go with glasses, the Pixie turns out to be a wonderful idea. Especially to gray hair, the Pixie Cut for older women fits wonderfully if they wear glasses, but also to the beautiful strawberry blond or ash blond. If you wear glasses with evenly shaped frames, this is just the right choice for hairstyles from 60 with glasses!

Highlights in the pixie make the hair look fuller and fringes are super with round glasses

If you have a small face, add highlights to the Pixie, because they make the hair look more voluminous. The glasses should also be smaller for small faces.

Fringed pixie for round glasses as a hair styling in old age.

It can become fringy with glasses and short hairstyles, if the frame is shaped round. In this way, you make a statement and slightly break up the symmetry of the glasses. The result is a classy and unique look that has been trending for a few years now. With age, the hair also becomes thinner. The Pixie is best suited if you are looking for hairstyles for women over 60 with glasses and thin hair, because this conceals this flaw.

Hairstyles from 60 with glasses - Pixie Cut for symmetrical shaped glasses

Short pixie with long bangs is perfect for hairstyles for 60 year old women with glasses

Hairstyles from 60 with glasses - Pixie as a short hairstyle with long side bangs.

Pixies are the perfect hairstyles for thin hair from 60 with glasses

Hairstyles from 60 with glasses - Pixie looks bold and peppy

Combine cheeky short hairstyles with glasses – Long Pixie with curls.

Long Pixies with curls as hairstyles from 60 with glasses

Hairstyles that make you look younger – before and after pictures

Hairstyles that make younger - before and after pictures with upbeat pixie in pink

Fohawk as a modern haircut for older women who wear glasses.

Hairstyles from 60 with glasses - Faux Hawk with quiff for women who want pizzazz

The Fohawk, also Faux Hawk, is one of the best hairstyles from 60 with glasses, because it quickly transforms the simple look into an elegant and at the same time sophisticated. Round glasses, but also plain glasses designs benefit best from this women’s hairstyle. By the way, the faux hawk is also very popular among men with full hair. In principle, this hairstyle is similar to the Pixie. However, the upper part of the hair is kept longer and styled casually to the side. This gives the short hairstyle a rocky touch, but at the same time somehow elegant.

Long and combed back

Long hair looks youthful and is best combed backwards

Quite flattering and rejuvenating look long hair, which is combed back smoothly. If you previously thought that long hair is not for aging women, you are completely wrong and you can see the proof in these pictures. So, if you are thinking that it might be time to part with that long mane, but you don’t really want to, put the scissors aside again. Protruding baby hairs you can skillfully tame with a little gel and in this way even hint at the trendy sleek look.

Long hair as hairstyles from 60 with glasses that make younger