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Which fringe suits my face shape best?

Women with bangs know: forehead bangs make you look younger, emphasize your eyes and change your type. The prerequisite, however, is the right cut. Tikbow reveals which bangs flatter which face shape best.

Bangs are one of the most versatile hair trends and work well with both straight hair and natural waves. This summer, casual fringe styles like curtain bangs or the waft fringe are especially high on the list, but the straight classic and the side fringe are still popular, too. Can’t quite decide on a look yet? Then it may help to make the new fringe haircut dependent on your face shape. This will tell you which forehead fringe is particularly flattering to you – and which is more likely not to be.

Oval face shape – Bangs all-rounder

Graphic bangs for oval face shape
Photo: Tikbow

Do you have an oval face? You have a free choice when it comes to bangs. Full, slightly fringed styles look especially nice on you, but one thing is certain: Women with oval faces, the cheekbones forming the widest part of the face, suit all types of bangs – even the tricky micro-bangs.

Heart-shaped face – Side bangs

Graphic bangs for a heart-shaped face
Photo: Tikbow

Women with heart-shaped face look good with side bangs, as they soften the prominent features of the wearer. The same goes for long and fringed styles. If you are not really comfortable with a side parting, curtain bangs are also a good choice for you.

Long face shape – straight bangs.

Graphic bangs for long face shape
Photo: Tikbow

Women with a long, narrow face are best off with a straight – but not too short! – bangs are best advised. The sides can be cut rounded. This gives the face a charming frame and conceals a high forehead if necessary. A fringe that is too short, on the other hand, would make the face look even longer.

Round face – loose side bangs

Graphic bangs for round face shape
Photo: Tikbow

For women with a round face, a loose side fringe is best suited – it not only visually takes the fuzz out of the face, it is also easy to style. Depending on the occasion, the side fringe can also be smoothed and sleeked behind the ears. The whole thing looks übrigens best to an undone styled bob.

Square face shape – fringed bangs

Graphic bangs for square face shape
Photo: Tikbow

A super long, fringed fringe suits women with a rather angular face best. Too much volume to the sides would make the face look unflatteringly wide. Alternatively, a long side fringe flatters all those with an angular face – the only important thing is that the cut does not look too severe.