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Which bangs make you look younger? These hairstyles for women over 50 can remove 10 years from the face!

Grow older and still look young: In this day and age, there are numerous anti-aging products. However, not only creams and make-up can cheat a few years off the face. The right hairstyle and the right hair color also make us look fresh and well-groomed and conceal wrinkles. In today’s article, we therefore take a part of the hairstyle, the effect of which is often underestimated: the bangs. Because the individually tailored bangs make you look younger.

Bangs make you younger: is it true?

Hairstyles make younger from 50 with bangs (1)

Many women are not sure whether bangs really make you younger. The answer to this question is clearly “yes”. But only if the bangs are matched to the shape of the face and the hairstyle.

For example, the so-called “Gringe” looks very good. This is a grown-out fringe that covers the eyebrows. The fringed haircut thus hides the frown lines and forehead. At the same time, it compliments the shape of the face and makes it look narrower.

The chic glam bob with bangs makes you look younger

Hairstyles make younger from 50 glam bob with bangs

Sleek, elegant and super feminine at the same time, the glam bob gently hugs the face and conceals problem areas. In addition, the long bangs can conceal the small wrinkles around the eyes and on the forehead. To do this, style the hair smooth and shiny. The bangs can be combed to the side if desired and fixed with hairspray.

Bangs make you younger: Razor Bangs conceal forehead wrinkles

Hairstyles with bangs that make younger

Razor bangs are the trend par excellence for 2022. Unlike the classic fringe, the tips of the razor bangs are extra thinned out. The length of the bangs can also vary, giving it a casual and bold look. The bangs can conceal wrinkles and make you look younger with their casual look.

Long bob with bangs for thin hair

long bangs and long bob make younger

The long bob is also suitable for women with straight hair. The classic hairstyle looks super modern in combination with a matching hair color. Women with thin hair wear the bangs straight down. It is very long and combed parallel to the eyebrows.

Medium length haircuts with side bangs look fresh and modern

side bangs and bob hairstyle Strawberry Blond haircut

A side fringe can do everything a full fringe can – and can be styled any way you like to boot. The side parting gives the hairstyle a casual, yet structured look. The bangs cover the forehead area and subtly conceal wrinkles. In addition, the styling stretches the face.

Our tip: To make the hairstyle look really young and fresh, go for a trendy hair color. Like Strawberry Blond, for example.

Haircuts for women with glasses that make you look younger

Hairstyles with piny and glasses for women over 50

Medium-length layered cuts look especially good on women who wear glasses. They conjure up volume, look young and casual, are suitable for everyday use and can be styled as desired. In combination with a fringed fringe, the hairstyle can loosen the strict look and make the face look younger.

Blonde lob: this is the least way to see the gray hair.

bangs make younger with lob and fringed hair ends

You want to conceal gray hair at the roots? Then the blonde lob offers itself. The haircut is the perfect hairstyle for women over 40: it softens the shape of the face and emphasizes the cheeks. At the same time, the ash blonde color is perfect for concealing a gray approach. The bottom line is that the hairstyle is stylish and

Sassy short haircuts with micro bangs for women over 60

sassy short haircuts for women from 60 make younger

An angular micro fringe flatters elongated face shapes in particular. It gives the hairstyle structure, frames and conceals wrinkles at the same time. The haircut is perfect for women who no longer want to dye their gray hair.

Hairstyles with fringed bangs for a fresh look

short haircuts for women over 50 with bangs and gray hair

A-bangs look just perfect on women with long faces. This is due to its specific shape, where the strands are slightly longer on the sides and more pointed. Since the hair becomes somewhat thinner after 50, the bangs can be additionally fringed. Thus, more fullness is conjured.

Hairstyles with bangs from 40, which provide more freshness in the face

medium length hair from 40 with bangs for more freshness in the face

Medium-length hairstyles with steps, curls or waves conjure up volume and look especially beautiful in combination with a fringe with a blunted edge. Here, the tips of the pony are slightly frayed and longer on the sides than in the middle.

Shaggy haircuts with bangs that make you look 10 years younger

short haircuts for women with thin hair shag cut with side bangs

The shaggy haircut is one of the classic hairstyles that can take several years off your face. On the one hand, because it gives more volume, on the other hand, because its undone look subtly emphasizes the facial features and draws attention away from the problem areas.

Wolf Cut with bangs conjures away the years

Wolf cut for women with wavy hair and long face

The Wolf Cut is one of the trend hairstyles for 2022 par excellence. Not only the hair, but also the bangs are stepped through. The voluminous fringe is the trademark of the haircut. It ends about 3 mm to 4 mm above the eyebrows and makes the face look more harmonious.

Layered cuts for women over 50 with anti-aging effect

Step cut for women over 50 for more volume

Step haircuts are among the true classics. They immediately conjure away a few years, as they can conceal the problem areas and subtly emphasize the facial features.