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What short hairstyles for women over 60 with round face? These haircuts are particularly advantageous

For women over 60, a round face is not always advantageous. Nevertheless, the right hairstyle can make the face look narrower and thus slimmer. We show you the best short hairstyles for women over 60 that flatter a round face shape and provide a fresh, younger look.

Which haircuts flatter older ladies with round faces?

Tiered bob with bangs from 60 flatters a round face shape

There is a right hairstyle for ladies for every face shape. Round faces are often called chubby, but one thing is for sure – they look warm and charming. The right hairstyle can emphasize this by adding enough volume while taking away some of the roundness. The volume further helps to conceal plump cheeks or a double chin.

Short hairstyles from 60 with angled bangs for round face

When choosing the right haircut for your face shape, you should also consider your hair type. The same haircut looks different on different hair types. So make sure you choose a hairstyle that works well for your hair texture while flattering your face shape.

As for hair length, medium length cuts with side parting are the ideal haircut for round faces. However, if you prefer to wear your hair shorter, there are also suitable short hairstyles that look good on women over 60 with round faces.

What distinguishes short hairstyles for round face from 60?

With a short hairstyle, there is no fixed length – from raspy short to shoulder-length, everything is possible. For a round face, slightly longer strands are best suited. Compared to very short cuts, the longer variants allow for a bit more in terms of styling, such as waves and curls, which conjure up additional volume and stretch the face. As a result, fuller cheeks don’t stand out as much and the face looks more oval.

However, watch out for chin-length hairstyles, as they can tend to enhance the round face and emphasize a double chin.

Choppy bob with bangs for 60+ women

Asymmetrical makes the round face look narrower

For a round face, asymmetrical cuts are super suitable! They loosen up this face shape and also have a rejuvenating effect. Even a side parting as well as a slanted bob can be described as asymmetrical, which means you shouldn’t necessarily wear a slanted bob to look good.

Bangs flatter round faces

Short hairstyles with bangs are an excellent choice for all ladies over 60 who have a round face. However, it all depends on the right bangs. Because classic bangs variations that are blunt cut and styled forward, can emphasize the thick cheeks instead of concealing them. The right fringe style for this face shape should be cut rather obliquely and styled to the side. However, modern variants such as curtain or long wispy bangs can also complement a round face well and make it look slimmer.

In the end, though, it’s important to remember: Women over 60 who are considering a new hairstyle should choose one they feel comfortable with.

Flattering short hairstyles for round faces over 60

Asymmetrical bob

Asymmetrical cut for 60 year old women with round face

An asymmetrical bob for older women with round faces has a slimming effect that elongates the face and covers its width. When wearing an angled bob, aim for a length that ends slightly above or below the chin rather than right at the chin for a modern and slimmer look.

Shaggy bob with short, fringed bangs

Shaggy bob with short bangs for older ladies

For the ladies who want to show their wild side, a shaggy bob is the right choice. Combined with a short, light fringe, the cut is perfect for flattering a round or chubby face and giving it dimension. To conjure up a younger look, you should also go for the right hair color. This can cheat several years off the face and provide more confidence in everyday life. And if you combine the modern cut with matching glasses, the look will look even more flattering.

Feathered Cut for Short Hair

Feathered cut for short hair from 60

Feathered cut hair for older women over 60 is perfect for making straight, lifeless hair look fuller. To style a short feathered cut, use a volumizing styling product that you simply put in your fingers and run it through your hair. A hair wax is also great to use when the hair is dry to give it a lift and style.

Tiered Pixie Cut

Stepped blonde pixie for older ladies round face

If you want a fashionable yet low-maintenance cut, try a blonde, layered pixie. Styling it is easy with a little styling wax and your fingers. The short layers add texture and fullness, and the asymmetrical cut flatters the round face shape. Remember, though, that short cuts often need to be shaped.

Shoulder length hair with side parting for chubby ladies over 60

Shoulder length hair with side parting for round face

A classic shoulder length haircut for straight hair can give you the appearance of fuller hair. Cutting the hair right at the shoulder level will give your hairstyle a natural bounce. For more fullness at the tips, you can ask your stylist to add some set off strands. Be careful not to take away too much shape and weight from the middle to the tips.

Short bob with waves and side parting.

Short bob tiered with caramel highlights

No other hairstyle looks better than this side parted, angled bob when combined with waves. The shape of this chin-length cut goes well with a round face shape. Paired with the right color, this haircut can take up to 10 years off your face.

Curly short hairstyles from 60 for women with round face.

Short curls and bold hair color for 60+ women with round face

Curly heads shouldn’t necessarily go without a short haircut either. If cut correctly, short natural curls can perfectly flatter your round face, as the accent is placed on the hair. By adding a modern hair color, you can accentuate your curls even more and also look younger.