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What hair color goes with green eyes? The best ideas to make hair, eyes and skin tone complement each other perfectly

Green eyes fascinate by themselves. After all, they are the rarest eye color in the world! While you don’t need any help to make your unique eye color shine, there are countless ways to make them stand out even more. What hair color goes well with green eyes? We’ve rounded up the best tips, based on different skin tones.

Here’s how to choose the right hair color:

How to choose the right hair color to green eyes

To figure out which hair color goes best with green eyes, first consider your complexion. While some colors work across the board, others really flatter different shades.

Consider your eye color

Properly consider the nuance of green eyes

If you determine if your eye color is completely green, or if it has hazel or blue/gray tones, it will be much easier to pick a good shade. It gives you the room to decide what colors to choose to either bring out the green in your eyes or tone it down to show its cool or warm undertones.

You can determine your skin tone with these simple tips

Skin tone also plays an important role in choosing hair color

Your skin tone doesn’t mean the color of your skin or how dark or light it is. Rather, it refers to the tone of your skin , which can be either warm, cool or neutral. You can check this by looking at your wrists in the sun. If your veins appear blue or purple, you have a cool skin tone, and if they are green, you have a warm skin tone. If you can’t tell, your skin tone is probably neutral.

Assess your current hair color

What hair color suits green eyes - choose the right tone

If you have extremely dark hair, it can be very difficult to achieve a much lighter tone, and you would damage your hair. Instead, choose colors that are close to your natural hair. Ideally, you should stick to colors that are either three shades darker or lighter.

What hair color goes well with green eyes?

Find the best hair colors for green eyes

There are two important factors to consider when trying to find the best hair color to complement your green eyes – the undertones of your eyes and the tone of your skin. If your eyes have hazel undertones that you want to highlight, choosing warm colors is the way to go. Choose cool colors to bring out the green or complement the cool blue/gray undertones.

When you consider this, you can use the following list of hair colors for skin tones as a guide to what shade suits you best.

The best hair color to go with green eyes and fair skin.

What hair color goes with green eyes - choose blonde tones

Light skin has an advantage over darker shades, as most light and dark hair colors tend to go well with it. If you keep in mind the undertone of your eyes and your skin tone, you can’t go wrong.

  • If you are thinking of red, choose deep and bright reds or browns with red undertones. Maroon shades also look great on fair skin, especially if you have a warm skin tone. However, you need to be careful because they can highlight the blemishes on your face.
  • With brown hair, almost all shades look good on fair skin. From warm tones like golden brown and rich chocolate shades to cool, ashy blondes, it’s all here.
  • If you’re toying with the idea of going blonde, you can experiment with pale, white and honey blonde.
  • It’s best to avoid black if you are extremely pale. But if you have some color in your cheeks, black hair can look really great against pale skin.
  • What hair colors to avoid: Golden hair is not the best option for ladies with fair skin. It undermines the green in your eyes and unbalances your facial features. Copper hair can highlight your pale skin and redness.

Complement green eyes and cool skin tones even better

Cool skin tones and green eyes - choose ash or chestnut brown.

Green eyes with a cool skin tone leave you with plenty of light hair color options, but there are also a few darker shades that look great. With the right shade, you can consider any hair color, be it blonde, red or brown:

  • Pale, strawberry, ash, white and platinum are the blonde shades that look fantastic on cool skin.
  • Reds with a purple undertone and purple burgundy are some good shades to bring out the green in your eyes.
  • Ash brown and soft maroon also look good on cool skin.
  • Blue or purple-based colors are also ideal.
  • Avoid these hair colors: Black hair is best avoided on cool skin, as it creates a harsh contrast between your skin and hair color. Gold should also be skipped, along with caramel and honey. Anything with an orange base is a no-go when it comes to cool skin tones.

What hair color goes with green eyes and warm skin tone?

Burgundy hair color to green eyes and warm skin tone

You know you’re warm toned when your skin has more yellow undertones than pink. Warm colors like red, orange and yellow complement your skin and make it look tanned and beautiful. Below are the dos and don’ts if you have a warm skin tone:

  • Rich blondes like gold, honey, champagne and butter platinum look fantastic on this skin tone.
  • Toffee, rich chocolate brown and light caramel brown go well with warm skin.
  • Rich reds, mainly red based burgundies, look good on warm skin tone.
  • What hair colors to avoid: Black is not a very flattering color on warm skin and is best avoided. Ash blondes and browns are not ideal for warm skin tones as they make you look washed out. Blue or purple based colors are also to be avoided.