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What hair color for women over 50: avoid these shades and mistakes that make you look older

After a certain age, most women turn to hair color to hide their gray hair or sometimes they simply want a new, fresh look. But unfortunately, it is not uncommon for them to reach for inappropriate shades that create exactly the opposite effect of what is actually desired: instead of creating a younger look, the new color makes the woman look even older. That is why it is always advisable to seek the advice of an expert. If you still want to do it yourself and dye your hair on your own, at least follow some rules and avoid colors that we will list below. Which hair color for women over 50 and 60 is less suitable and what other mistakes should you avoid?

Directions for hair color – This is what you should keep in mind.

From 60 choose the right hair colors to conceal age.

It’s perfectly normal to try to conceal your age with some tricks. And in fact, hair is really helpful in this, not to say essential. But only if you don’t do anything wrong in the choice of haircut and hair colors and coloring techniques as well. It is not enough to simply research the trend colors of the year and just choose one of them to be up to date styling-wise. This will not make you look younger. Keep the following rules in mind:

Which hair colors make you look older – You should avoid these at all costs!

Too dark colors make facial features hard and look older

You have naturally dark hair and also want to cover the gray hairs with such a color? This seems logical in itself, but it is not always optimal. After a certain age, dark shades, especially black, have the property of making our facial features look harder. The skin becomes paler with age and this is reinforced by dark hair colors. Accordingly, we appear sickly and rather dull than fresh and radiant.

Tip: How do I know which shade is too dark?

There is a little trick to determine which hair color is optimal for women over 50. To do this, simply take your eyebrows as a guide. The new color should in no case be darker than that of the brows.

So you look visually a few years younger instead of older

So now you know what you should not choose. But what hair color then makes younger from 50 and 60? You can probably already guess: light and natural hair colors with a shiny effect are optimal – golden blond as a hair color, for example. But this does not mean that you have to go straight to blonde. Hair colors such as brown tones are also suitable (we remind you of the mentioned eyebrow rule) and can be lightened, for example, by highlights, to also create a radiant effect. Such colors, unlike the dark ones, make the facial features softer and more cheerful.

Light and with gold shimmer in blond or brunette make visually younger

Regarding the light shades, you should avoid ashy and dull colors. Pastel hair colors and platinum blonde, for example, are not good choices.

Trendy yes, but please not too radical!

What hair color for women over 50 - Balancing out stark differences with balayage

There is nothing stopping you from going for trendy hair colors. After all, most people want to keep up with the trends. But here, too, the right choice plays a big role so that you do not end up looking demode: the difference should not be too radical. So, if you were dark until just now, an overnight transition to blonde or even bright red is not a good idea, because then the tone simply does not match your skin type and eye color anymore. The better solution would be to reduce the effect with a balayage technique, and thus crate a smoother transition and look.

What hair color for women over 50 – What looks peppy does not equal rejuvenating!

Which hair color for women over 50 - Too youthful colors have a counterproductive effect

Those cool pink or blue streaks in the hair that look so peppy and fresh are rather less suitable for many women over 50 and could even make you look rather ridiculous (of course, this ultimately depends on the type). Stylists therefore advise against this idea, not for nothing we have already emphasized the natural shades above. Who nevertheless wants some contrast in this way in the hair, should have it professionally and above all discreetly worked in. The balayage technique would be recommended here again. The soft strawberry blonde could be a good alternative for some types (strawberry brown is also available, by the way).

Have you found the perfect color? Then take care of it too!

What hair color for women over 50 - mistakes you should avoid.

No matter what hair color for women over 50 you choose and no matter how rejuvenating it looks right away, if you don’t care for it properly, this effect will soon be a thing of the past. Not only suitable care products that protect the color pgiments are important here, but also that you (let) refresh the color regularly – how often depends on the shade and coloring technique. Balayage, for example, is quite low-maintenance and can be refreshed less often, especially with light hair, since the hair growing out is less noticeable.

Properly care for colored hair and avoid fading

Speaking of “growing out,” avoid an approach! If you know that you do not have the time and means to re-dye the roots every month, then better opt for colors and techniques that conceal the gray roots. What hair color is suitable for gray roots? Well, preferably those that are very similar to the gray color or where, for example, balayage allows the transitions to blend into each other. Or how about opting for gray completely ? This trend has been going on for a few years now.