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What are the biggest hair trends for 2022? – Discover here all the hairstyles and hair colors that were hot this year!

Sometimes short, long, with bangs, blonde or brown – we women love to experiment with our hair and always try new styles. After all, a chic hairstyle is probably the easiest way to freshen up our look a bit. From bold new releases to timeless classics that will stay with us forever, there has definitely been no shortage of cool trendy hairstyles over the past few months. And as the year is slowly coming to an end, we’re taking a quick trip back in time to reveal all the biggest hair trends for 2022 that were hot. Maybe you’ve already rocked some of the hairstyles? Or your hair appointment is just around the corner and you’re craving a little change? Whatever the case, we’ve got you! Read on and discover your next favorite look here!

Biggest hair trends for 2022: These are the haircuts and hairstyles we’ve been wearing

Bob Hairstyles Trends Winter Biggest Hair Trends 2022

Hairstyle-wise, the past few months have been anything but boring and it’s pretty hard to sum up all the cool hairstyles and trending colors in a single article. And yet, we did our best and below we show you some of the biggest hair trends for 2022.

The French bob as a hairstyle trend in 2022.

French Bob Trend Hairstyle Biggest Hair Trends 2022

Long bob, collarbone bob, blunt bob, etc. – the bob with all its variations never really went away and is undoubtedly one of the biggest hair trends for 2022. Depending on the cut and length, the classic always looks different and offers us plenty of styling options. Especially popular among fashionistas in recent months has been the French bob, which is slightly shorter than the classic version and ends between the mouth and chin level. Depending on your preference, the hair at the back of the head can be cut quite a bit shorter than in the front. This gently frames the face and perfectly sets off the cheekbones. Whether straight or with gentle beach waves – the French Bob is always a great eye-catcher.

We love the Boy Bob

Boy bob trend hairstyle what are the biggest hairstyles trends 2022

Looking for the biggest hair trend for 2022? May we introduce you to the boy bob? The trendy hairstyle reminds us of the 90s and exudes a casual, rocking aesthetic. As a rule, the hair in the boy bob is cut to one length and reaches a maximum of the shoulder. And the styling couldn’t be easier either. Since the boy bob looks best in a casual look anyway, the hairstyle is allowed to look a bit disheveled and messy.

The blunt cut as one of the biggest hair trends for 2022.

Blunt Cut Trend Hairstyle Short Hair Biggest Hair Trends 2022

Blunt hair cut to one length – what’s so exciting about that, you may ask? Well, here’s the thing – the blunt cut has made a huge comeback in recent months, establishing itself as one of the biggest hair trends for 2022. The accurate haircut exudes a timeless elegance and comes across as super chic and cool.

Blunt Cut for Long Hair Biggest Hair Trends 2022

It doesn’t matter if you have long or short hair – the blunt cut works with absolutely any hair length and always looks stunning. Why we love the look? Flashy and crazy hairstyles are fun, but they are out of place in some situations and from a certain age. A blunt haircut, on the other hand, is timeless and suits women of all ages perfectly. It also visually stretches the face, which in turn makes for a fresh and youthful look.

The shag cut for a rebellious look

Shag Cut with Bangs biggest hair trends 2022

The biggest hair trends for 2022 leave absolutely nothing to be desired! Would you like it to be a little rockier and more rebellious? Then you are in the best hands with the Shag Cut. The retro hairstyle from the 70s made a big comeback, but with a modern upgrade. We’ve seen the Shaggy Lob, the Shaggy Pixie and many more great variations of the popular cut. And we have to agree – they all look stunning and make for a casual yet chic look. The multiple fringes create the illusion of more fullness, which is especially beneficial for women with very thin hair.

Retro hairstyles from the 90s

Rachel Cut Trend Hairstyle Pictures Biggest Hair Trends 2022

The past always seems to resurface and everything old eventually becomes new again – at least as far as the biggest hair trends for 2022 are concerned. Retro fashion from the 90s is back and totally socially acceptable. Whether it’s fun hair clips, butterfly clips or an airy blowout, the 90s have landed back on our fashion radar and it’s hard to imagine our heads without them. Even the timeless Rachel Cut, which we all know and love, has been completely reinterpreted and the so-called Brachel Cut is celebrated as one of the most beautiful trend hairstyles for winter 2022.

Biggest hair trends 2022: these are the most popular hair colors from the last few months.

biggest hair trends 2022 shag bangs trend hairstyle winter

And of course, a few cool hair colors can’t be left out of our article on the biggest hair trends for 2022. Whether it’s rich brown, cool blonde or barely visible highlights, the trend colors this year were more versatile and exciting than they have been in a long time, making a fashion statement.

Cool blonde tones

Cool Blonde Shades Pictures Biggest Hair Trends 2022

Blonde hair will simply never go out of style. However, blonde is definitely not all blonde. Warm blonde tones are a thing of the past, as cool tones have set the tone this year. Whether it’s an icy ice blonde, vanilla blonde, or mushroom blonde, blonde hair with cool undertones were everywhere on the runways and immediately caught the eye.

Caramel highlights

Caramel Highlights Blonde Hair Biggest Hair Trends 2022

But we can’t do completely without warm hues this year. Playful, romantic and super sophisticated – we love caramel highlights! Caramel highlights add dimension to our hair and create a look that’s vibrant and like it’s been kissed by the sun. And the best part? Whether you’re a blonde or a brunette, caramel highlights always work and are a true all-rounder.

Expensive Brunette

Hailey Bieber Hair Color Brown Hair Biggest Hair Color Trends 2022

And finally, the ultimate hair color for all brunettes who want a subtle change! Expensive Brunette is the new favorite of numerous fashionistas and has earned a permanent place among the biggest hair trends for 2022. We mean, just look how gorgeous Hailey Bieber looks in the photo above! To get the dimensional and elegant look, Expensive brunettes combine different shades of brown. Depending on the desired result, pretty much anything is possible. Whether it’s caramel, honey blonde, kufper or mocha, Expensive Brunette is fun and eye-catching.

Expensive Brunette Hair Color Biggest Hair Trends 2022