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Wavy Bob as a hairstyle trend 2022: After this casual-cool short hairstyle everyone is crazy!

Whether Micro Bob, Soft Curve Bob, Boy Bob and Co. – there is hardly any other hairstyle that is so trendy and offers us so many styling options. But a bob is not just a bob – the short hairstyle always looks a little different depending on the cut and has long since fought its way into the hearts of all fashionistas. It’s only March, but the trend merry-go-round continues to spin and there is already another new variant of the most popular hairstyle trend of the year. Super casual, pleasantly airy and really chic – the Wavy Bob is the trend hairstyle of the hour and it is impossible to imagine our heads without it! Okay, what exactly is behind the cool look and how is the hairstyle styled? All this and the most beautiful inspirations for your next visit to the hairdresser can be found in our article!

What is a Wavy Bob?

Hailey Bieber Hairstyles Short Hair Wavy Bob Hairstyle Trend Spring 2022

If you want a low-maintenance yet chic look, then the Wavy Bob is the hairstyle trend for you in 2022! Translated from English, "wavy" means something like "wavy, curly" and that actually explains pretty much everything. So the Wavy Bob is a bob with incorporated gentle waves and curls. The short hairstyle is super easy to style and also provides plenty of volume and fullness. So the perfect short hairstyle for fine and thin hair!

Wavy bob trend hairstyle 2022 how to style short hair

The trend hairstyle is available in all imaginable variations and there is guaranteed to be the perfect look for every taste and style. Whether ultra-short, shoulder-length, as a long bob, asymmetrical or with bangs – the Wavy Bob is a real all-rounder and always looks great. Due to the casual curls, the look feels wonderfully light and comfortable and is therefore ideally suited for the warmer season.

Who can wear the bob with curls?

Short hairstyles for thin hair Wavy Bob styling

And here is the good news! It exists – the perfect short hairstyle that simply suits every woman. Since the Wavy Bob can vary in length, it can be wonderfully adapted to any face shape. Especially women with thin hair will love the Wavy Bob – the loose hairstyle makes your mane appear fuller and more voluminous in no time. While the trendy hairstyle gently embraces angular and elongated faces, the Wavy Bob with Beach Waves makes round faces appear visually narrower.

How do we style the Wavy Bob?

Hairstyles for thin hair Wavy Bob hairstyle trend spring 2022

As far as styling is concerned, you are literally spoiled for choice with the Wavy Bob! Whether with playful beach waves or rather glamorous retro waves – the trend hairstyle is a real chameleon and can be worn in many different variations. To get the casual look, styling tools such as a curling iron or straightener are usually used. To keep your mane nice and shiny and to avoid split ends and breakage, intensive hair care is an absolute must.

How to achieve the perfect beach waves for short hair

what is Wavy Bob trend hairstyle spring 2022 short hairstyles with bangs

Beautifully casual and yet super chic – playful beach waves have been one of our favorite hairstyles for years. The loose waves are a real eye-catcher and always ensure a casual, airy-light look. And the best part? You need less than 10 minutes for the styling. Here’s how to achieve beach waves with a straightening iron:

  • First apply heat protection spray and divide the hair into individual sections depending on the length.
  • Next, take a thin strand of hair into the straightener and rotate the device 360 degrees in a fluid motion and guide it down.
  • Repeat the process with the remaining strands.
  • Gently curl the hair with your hands, fix it with hairspray and your casual wavy bob is ready!

Style the Wavy Bob without heat: It&#8217s that easy!

Curly hairstyles for short hair Wavy Bob Trend Hairstyle Spring 2022

You don’t have a styling tool at hand right now or you simply don’t want to stress your hair unnecessarily? You don’t have to, because a Wavy Bob can be styled just as quickly and easily without heat! And here are 2 ways to do it.

  • Style beach waves with chignon – This is probably the easiest way to style the Wavy Bob without heat. Simply twist the hair into one or more chignon depending on the length and leave for at least 2-3 hours or preferably overnight. Then loosen the hair with your hands, apply hairspray and you’re done!
  • Make waves with braids – This also works perfectly and provides the perfect curls without heat. Simply braid several braids and leave them in overnight. In the morning, undo the braids and voila – you have the perfect Wavy Bob!

Wavy bob: this is how chic the trend hairstyle looks in 2022!

Wavy bob trend hairstyle spring 2022 short hairstyles with curls

The casual short hairstyle works with all hair lengths

Short hairstyles style Wavy Bob trend hairstyle spring 2022

Long bob with beach waves for a casual and chic look.

Short hairstyles with curls Wavy Bob hairstyle trend spring 2022

The trend hairstyle can be styled super quickly and very easily

Short hairstyles with bangs Wavy Bob Trend Hairstyle 2022


The curly bob with bangs for an extra portion of volume

Wavy Bob Trend Hairstyle 2022 Bangs Hairstyles for Thin Hair