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Waft Fringe is the low maintenance hair trend of the year you should know!

Hair salons may open again soon! And what would be the perfect way to celebrate this? With a new hairstyle, of course. With spring just around the corner, most women crave a little change in their looks to ring in the most beautiful season of the year. Everything from the past eventually comes back, at least when it comes to fashion and hair trends. The retro wave is all the rage and numerous iconic 70s hairstyles like the shag cut and curtain bangs are making a big comeback. Can you still remember the voluminous mane of actress Farrah Fawcett? Then we have good news for you – the Waft Fringe is back and, according to experts, will be one of the biggest hair trends of the year. If you’ve always wanted bangs but never dared to do them until now, this look would be just the thing for you! What exactly is the Waft Fringe, how is it styled and who is the hairstyle suitable for – we’ll tell you all about it below!

Farrah Fawcett Frisur langer Pony stylen Waft Fringe

Whether long, short, side or short hairstyles with bangs – the fringe is undoubtedly on trend and will probably never go out of fashion. But to take the plunge, it takes some courage and self-confidence. Will it look good on me? How are bangs styled? These are all questions we’ve all asked ourselves at least once. Cut to the side and with a smooth transition to the rest of the hair: The Waft Fringe is the best possible choice to freshen up our hairstyle without having to make too drastic a change to do so. Icons like Brigitte Bardot, Farrah Fawcett and Goldie Hawn have already thrilled us with their hairstyles in the 60s and 70s. But even today, numerous stars and celebrities like Jennifer Lopez are addicted to the hair trend and show us how flattering the trend hairstyle actually is.

What makes the Waft Fringe?

Pony Frisuren 2021 Waft Fringe Haartrend

Beautifully gorgeous and incredibly voluminous, the 70s-inspired Waft Fringe is simply unmistakable. Typical for the trendy look is the retro silhouette – the fringe is split in the middle, cut long and tiered and gets shorter and shorter towards the forehead. This beautifully frames the face and perfectly emphasizes our facial features. The smooth transition makes the hairstyle perfect for those who are not ready to commit to bangs or are just not sure if a fringe hairstyle would suit their face shape. The Waft Fringe has an elegant yet playful touch and looks wonderful on both long and shorter hair.

The fringe hairstyle really suits everyone!

Hilary Duff Frisuren Haartrends 2021 Waft Fringe

Is there a fringe hairstyle that suits every face shape? The answer is yes: the Waft Fringe is incredibly versatile and really does look perfect on every woman! The hair trend is fully customizable in terms of length, and the soft transition is ideal for softening the angular lines of a square face. The Waft Fringe is very practical and comfortable and ideal for both curly and straight hair. Plus, it can be styled in many different ways to suit your own style.

This is how easy it is to style the Waft Fringe

langer Pony stylen Waft Fringe Haartrend

The characteristic Waft Fringe split in the middle is absolutely easy to care for and may be styled with pleasure in the trendy “undone look”. If your hair is longer, you can of course set the parting to the side. Plenty of hairspray, a round brush or a curling iron and 5 minutes of time – that’s all you’ll need for the trendy retro fringe! Don’t have time or feel like it in the morning? Then just let the Waft Fringe air dry and part it in the middle with a fine-tooth comb. To keep the hairstyle in place, apply some hairspray and you’re good to go!

wie langer Pony stylen Ponyfrisuren 2021 Waft Fringe

While the Waft Fringe looks incredibly romantic and stylish with open hair and gentle waves, the hairstyle is perfect for everyday wear in a loose chignon or a casual ponytail. The style is thus absolutely flexible and can be worn wonderfully for any occasion. A little tip from us: split ends and Waft Fringe do not get along very well. So if your hair tends to split ends, you should trim the fringe a bit every now and then.

Can you get the look yourself at home?

Ponyfrisur für lange Haare Waft Fringe Haartrends 2021

Since the hair salons were closed for several months, we had to take everything into our own hands and take care of our hair at home. And here comes the good news for all of you who want to try your hand at scissors yourself – Waft Fringe is a super low-maintenance look that you can easily get at home. To get it, you simply need to part your hair down the middle and cut the front strands vertically to the desired length – it’s that quick!

Waft fringe is the low-maintenance hair trend of the year

Shag Frisur Trend Waft Fringe

The best thing about the trendy hairstyle is that it works wonderfully with absolutely all hair lengths and face shapes

70er Jahre Frisur Waft Fringe Haartrend

The hair trend is ideal for those who want a small and subtle change

Waft Fringe 70er Jahre Frisuren Haartrends 2021

Gorgeous and voluminous waves give the Waft Fringe a subtle retro touch

Waft Fringe Haartrend Pony Frisuren für lange Haare